The Urban Sasquatch Journal: End of a Year, Start To Another

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.


Journal Volume 3

Report #55
Saturday December 24, 2016

My goal with visit just after 24 hours from yesterday was to see what activity may have taken place in this short time frame. I arrived at the park approximately 3:43 PM. The conditions were the following: 
Temperature was 80, humidity 64%, wind SE 12 mph. It was mostly cloudy. 

I used my bike today to get to the site as quick as possible. I took no food on this visit. Just observations. 

At 3:58 PM, I arrived at the treeline entry. I then did the 3 flute notes. I then moved on to the pipes. I did whistles as I walked. Nothing had changed at the pipes. 

While at the pipes, I heard some noises on the leaves just to the north of the pipes area in the woods.????? I did my 3 wood knocks. I moved to the deeper area. It was 4:01 PM.


#1. Thru #5. The food bucket was partially detached from the 2x4 and hanging down on the front side????Some food items wrappers, empty cereal box and rock and kettle bell was on the ground.???? I guess a large raccoon could have put so much pressure on the bucket that it became partially detached.????

#6. and #7. I reattached the bucket to the 2x4.

#8. These food items were still in the bucket and the fruit items bag was actually hanging from the bucket in the earlier photo.

#9. and #10. At the green gifting bucket, I added these 2 items. A small book and plastic flute.

#11. I added this drawing sheet of native American items. This was on the corner of the hanging bed sheet.

After picking up the trash items around the food bucket tree, I was ready to leave the site. I left at 4:42 PM.

This concluded my field visits for 2016. It was an interesting year just like the previous years. 

This past year I did 55 field trips to the site and other spots close by. Apart from the heavy rains and flooding in April and May, there wasn't a single visit that did not show some kind of previous interaction with me at some level. I feel this was in part due to my not coming everyday. I have tried to be predictable in coming weekly on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I have only occasionally gone to the site within 1 or 2 days of the main visit. I have taken food there but not every time. 

I am still fascinated that this interaction has taken place near such a huge surrounding urban area. Again, this has 14,000 acres of a wooded semi-wilderness area. There are many creeks, ponds, etc., thru out this location. I have explored and hiked some of the area. There is much more to attempt. 

At this writing, I am already into June of 2017. I have already completed 23 visits to date. I have made some changes and hope to do more. I will be retiring from my job on June 30th. I want to really try and dedicate a full day instead of a few hours to do more hiking and exploration in this large area.

In the late summer, I plan on having MK Davis work with me to check out my research site as thorough as possible. December 2017 may see my final efforts at the present site. Thanks to all of have supported my efforts to date.

This concludes Field Report #55 for Saturday December 24, 2016.


  1. Looking forward to reading more. Very interesting and I'm always excited to see another post. Keep up the good work. Brakefoot


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