Saturday, June 3, 2017

Solar Kits For Preppers, Rural Properties, Homes and More!

I'm very lucky to work in a line of business that allows me to meet innovative business owners and a wide variety of some of the hardest-working people in America. 

At TJ's Rig Iron, we are representing an innovative company that sells affordable solar kits and makes it super easy to transition. Their uses are many including power to gates at ranches, oil leases, agricultural, cabins, homes, businesses, and prepper homesteads. 

As I know I have a wide variety of readers on here, I thought I'd share in case you're looking for solar power. 

(when traditional expensive electric is the problem)

Solar kits you can install or will be installed for you -


$18,500 a kit/installed (you break even in 5 years), $13,500/you install (you break even in 3-1/2 years)
Bank finance- they will take the tax break for you, lease it to you and you own it yourself in 7 years.


8KW system, 22 panels, racking system, inverter, 50' trenching wire to meter
manual and instructions
supplies for making connection to electrical
No concrete - screwed to ground
25-year warranty on panels
You provide electrician
They provide net metering local permit for you
Can withstand 105mph wind, 1.25" hail, insurable under home or business policy!

Takes only hours to install!

30% tax credit!

Enjoy greatly reduced electric for your wells, business, even home!

Forget the problem, ACCEPT THE SOLUTION!

Above - photos of install

If you are interested, please contact 
Terry Ann Johnson

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  1. Perhaps in the USA it's innovative business, but in Israel it's "ancient" business. We all have solar heaters on the roof, solar lights in gardens, etc.. Such a big saving in electricity bills!