Siberian Lake with Humanoids, Dogman and UFOs!

I first started reading about Baikal Lake Monster in Russia and found myself falling down a rabbit hole. Forget about Bermuda Triangle, that's kids' stuff. This lake is seriously troubled with a very long history of terrifying mystery! 

In the Siberian/Mongolian borderline there is a lake called Baikal. There are stories of it containing a monster. It is in a lake that is 1000 miles from any marine coast, but has a happy seal population. There are more than 1500 species of animal associated with the lake and 80% of those live nowhere else in the world! 

There is said to one creature in the lake that is somewhat like a sturgeon (above), but quite enormous. There are also other creatures reported.

A Godzilla-situation is often cited, as the lake has been polluted for a very long time (since 1966) from a paper mill. The lake has an amazing and unprecedented variety of marine life including transparent shrimp, sponges and fish that are new to science. It is considered the world's largest freshwater lake.

Nerpa, only exclusively freshwater seal in the world

The lake also has a reputation of UFOs and land monsters called the Baikal Lake Humanoids. Besides the giant sturgeon-like creature, there are stories of many oddities in this 30,000,000-year-old, 4900-foot deep, largest body of freshwater in the world.

In the late 1970s, two men in a submersible say they turned out their lights underwater and suddenly were hit by glowing light from two sides that was there a while and then the lights went out.

In the early 1980s, the Russians decided to take a dive and get a better look at what was down in the lake. Reportedly, seven military divers went down to about 150 feet when they came across something horrifying.

The report was that they encountered a squad of not-quite-human beings in silver suits and strange helmets. While trying to capture one, three of the divers died. The other four divers were said to have survived, but been severely injured, forever incapacitated. 

The reports get more interesting when you add on lots of UFOs sightings and vessels going missing, reports of mysterious objects on the lake, and things materializing and dematerializing. 

Steven Spielberg is said to be so mesmerized by the UFO oddities and such at the lake that he is said to be working on a documentary based on it! (called "Depth 211") Later, it was said this was planted in the Russian papers. I'm not sure why they'd make it up, but the lake certainly should inspire a chilling movie for anyone to do. I'd like to see a comprehensive documentary on it with lots of documentation. 

Here are some petroglyphs from the lake that has seen civilizations for many tens of thousands of years.

NASA supposedly got some shots of the lake to find two circular objects in the lake that appeared to rise up through the ice.

What is it with Lake Baikal? It seems to be a lot of oddities in an rift lake that is very ancient, very vast, and having an amazing biodiversity. If you were going to hide underwater in a lake in the world, this is the one to do it!

Source: Medieval travellers Giovanni da Pian del Carpine and Marco Polo both mention cynocephali (dog-heads). Giovanni writes of the armies of Ogedei Khan who encounter a race of dogheads who live north of the Dalai-Nor (Northern Ocean), or Lake Baikal. 

Source: The great explorer Marco Polo mentions Cynocephali indirectly while describing his travels to the island of Angamanian: "Angamanain is a very large Island. The people are without a king and are Idolaters, and no better than wild beasts. And I assure you all the men of this Island of Angamanain have heads like dogs, and teeth and eyes likewise; in fact, in the face they are all just like big mastiff dogs! They have a quantity of spices; but they are a most cruel generation, and eat everybody that they can catch, if not of their own race."

Source:  (near Lake Baikal) From hence they proceeded towards the North against the people called Bastarci or Hungaria magna, and conquered them also. And so going on further North, they came unto the Parossit√¶, who having little stomachs and small mouths, eat not anything at all, but seething flesh they stand or sit over the pot, and receiving the steam or smoke thereof, are therewith only nourished, and if they eat anything it is very little. From hence they came to the Samoget√¶, who live only upon hunting, and use to dwell in tabernacles only, and to wear garments made of beasts’ skins. From thence they proceeded unto a country lying upon the Ocean sea, where they found certain monsters, who in all things resembled the shape of men, saving that their feet were like the feet of an ox, and they had in deed men’s heads but dogs faces. They spake, as it were, two words like men, but at the third they barked like dogs. From hence they retired into Comania, and there some of them remain unto this day (Carpini, “The Long and Wonderful Voyage of Friar John de Plano Carpini”, 1246)

The locals have lost count of how many ships have gone missing on the lake and how many citizens never seen again. Some claim to see "mirages" of castles and ancient boats and other odd "time shift" kind of optical occurrences. Even more chilling is that when the mirages occur, it is said that compasses and magnetic equipment stop working on ships. The mirages have been explained by the odd conditions of warm air, cool water and other temperature conditions that create very compelling mirages.

The deepest part of the lake contains an area called the Devil's Crater. A couple times a year, this small are of the enormous lake becomes "unruly" and that's when ships go missing. It can be a clear day and dead calm and suddenly the water will begin to swirl and a crater will open in which boats disappear. Locals say that it is hell opening to swallow up the evil.

If you think that is frightening, imagine this, upon occasion the ships and crew come back days later, thinking only hours had gone by.


Siberia is chock full of amazing finds from ancient advanced civilizations to ancient giants' bones, Bigfoot-like creatures, and more. Interestingly, we have Dogman reports in America and there are lots of ancient references to a race that had dog-shaped heads, showing up in everything from Egyptian art to stories by Marco Polo and other explorers. Denisovans were found here, Neanderthal and Homo sapiens, living in the same cave. There is much more about this land that is yet to be unearthed, but I would consider Siberia to generally be one of the most unexplained places in the world, including the infamous Tunguska blast.