Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Dating Ideas For Para Geeks

It's been a long time since I've done one in this series on GHT. I figured I'd give a shout out to all the single para geeks with a new installment concerning ideas for what to do on a date if you're dating another para-geek.

Para geeks aren't just anxious to do spooky things together. Many times, they long for something unusual, nostalgic, perhaps intellectual, perhaps adrenalin-drenched, and perhaps historical. Here's a list of ideas to spark a romance when seeing someone who loves horror, comic books, historical tours, haunted bed and breakfast inns, scifi conventions, and the like. 

Roadside carnival
(LINK TO FIND ONE) This allows for some screams and scares, winning of unusual prizes, a funhouse, a carnival barker, exciting foods, loud music, scary clowns, and nostalgia. It pretty much hits all the notes. In fact, for an ideal date, consider going to the carnival and then come home and watch "The Funhouse" movie. Now you just made a most memorable night. Be sure to bring home the popcorn and cotton candy from the carnival for movie time! 

Watch the movie "Contact." Then, take your date on a drive out past the city lights. Spread a blanket out, put on a mix tape of "2001 A Space Odyssey" and "Star Wars" music. Lay back and talk about the stars, the universe, and look for satellites and shooting stars. Talk about UFO's, look for strange lights in the sky. Hold hands and contemplate the universe as you gaze at it.

A blanket and a picnic at a moody cemetery before dusk. Hand holding as you exit when it is getting dark. Give your date flowers to leave one at any grave she feels compelled to leave it at. Now, time to head over to the city's ghost tour. 

Killer at large
Do you dare have a bonfire outside and some scary stories as you roast hot dogs and marshmallows? Perhaps play a little moody horror movie theme music in the background. Now, proceed to tell the story of the escaped lunatic or the neighborhood killer. 

Go out exploring some abandoned sites to photograph, go to a ghost town, check out an abandoned mining town, the agricultural periphery of a small town. Film your own short horror movie on location. Come home and put the production together for viewing with popcorn and snowcaps. 


When plotting a date, pick a theme and do more than one thing with that theme. If your date loves the Halloween movie series, be sure to bring out some Halloween decorations and set them up, candlelight, and perhaps a Michael Myers mask. If you want to win her heart, send her a designed card by email that invites her to an evening in Haddonfield on Halloween Night, please be a guest at the Myers home....

Other ideas
Renaissance festival
LARP'ing experience
Scifi Convention
MUFON lecture
Drive down a famous haunted roadway or look for spooklights at a famous ghost lights location
Draw up a dream Halloween Haunt for the yard
1950s Scifi Movie Marathon
Grave rubbings
Wear costumes while watching movies
Go to a horror-themed bar or restaurant
Design a scarecrow together
Midnight picnic with a lantern
Sushi, sake, and Godzilla marathon on a blanket picnic set up in front of the TV. 

No matter what you plan with your para geek, remember to take the theme and run with it. If you're going to do something, do it to the max. That is why para geeks love challenges and adventure, mysteries and darkness. Include those in the planning.

For those who are part of the LGBT community, you might find your match HERE.