Para-Themed Fun Coloring Book!

I am truly blessed to know some amazing creative minds and artists. In the case of this new coloring book by Joe Blevins "Atomic Weiner Dog and Friends: Coloring Book 1," I have a friend with unlimited creativity and talent.

An abandoned dog helps a stranger from a distant place. An alien from space awakens from a 40 year slumber in deep suspended animation. The dog from earth is rewarded with extraordinary abilities: with intelligence and the power of speech. Also with exceptional strength and to be able to fly. Based on the 1897 Aurora Incident that happened 10 years before the invention of the airplane and 50 years before Area 51! A fun adventure for all ages and artistic abilities. The back of the illustrations are left blank so that no regular text might bleed through with different coloring mediums. Book one of a two part adventure!

I was lucky enough to following along as Joe worked on the content for this amazingly fun coloring book! This is a definite must-have for adults and kids.