One of the Best UrbEX sites on YouTube

My readers know how passionate I am about urban exploration. I grew up with a mother who was an historian uncovering the history of our historic estate, Aspen Grove, and I rambled around the grounds with a metal detector digging up artifacts. The exploration and chronicling of abandoned sites that might go extinct to demolition or decay is a big passion of mine. Many sites I've documented were destroyed soon after. 

Lurking around dark forbidden places with reminders of its prior use is the activity we refer to commonly as UrbEx or urban exploration. 

I'm going to showcase one of several channels on You Tube that I follow. It is called RnK All Day. When you subscribe, be sure to click on the bell-shape - you can get email notices every time they upload a new video. 

This couple (Robb and Kristy) explores seriously unique places, some of them intact and left behind - 

I hope you subscribe to RnK All Day. If you love UrbEx - it's a real great find!