How To Perceive Ghosts

Where am I going to encounter ghosts?
The bigger question is WHEN?

A haunted location is only as good as the timing. How many times did your team go to a place and having it active versus inactive? Were only the psychically sensitive able to discern activity every time they went? Was the rest of the team all "on" at the same night? And did your team refer to that as an "active night"? It may not be that it was a more active night, but that everyone was readily able to register, interpret and perceive the activity that is there.

It would appear that to perceive activity, the average person needs the right conditions to occur that affects their mind in such a way as to allow them a sensitivity they don't normally tap.

So, how do we get the rhythm and the timing down?

Let's begin with geomagnetic storms. These bombard the earth after solar flare activity. Follow the space weather reports from NOAA and see if you have any geomagnetic storms occurring. They do affect our perceptions.

Another option is to play music for alpha mind state to help the team relax and idle the mind in the way that allows the streaming of information "out there" to be interpreted and acknowledged. Many of us have encounters as we are going to sleep or upon awakening in the night. That alpha mind state is the ideal communication window.

As well, a negative-ion producing machine or even an air cleaning machine can be helpful to weigh down the positive ions and increase the negative ions which help your mind to feel euphoric and relaxed. Relaxing the participants and giving them a brain-active night with geomagnetic storms is an ideal combo.

Our peripheral vision is key to noting activity including shadow people which are most often seen first in peripheral field of vision. I suggest that when you sit quietly in a room to evaluate, you slowly scan your eyes back and forth over the room (do not turn your head, only survey the 180 degrees of vision you are afforded by looking one way and the other. If you turn your entire head, your peripheral vision can miss much of what is in front of you. Slow scanning is best because it allows you to note a movement much more readily.

A sleeping experiment might be an interesting addition to a study. Allow one member to sleep in a room while the team investigates, but be sure to keep a camera with a clock on it so you can see if anything happening in the building was perceived by the sleeper or if any activity was attracted to someone in a different brain cycle.

Utilize your psychics. I use my spatially and synesthetically gifted senses to be a bloodhound for the team. It is up to me to walk through a space and point out active areas so we can have adequate coverage for impending phenomena. How many times on your team did someone just see a shadow person but the person next to them did not? It's a hit or miss. Hunting ghosts is like tracking Bigfoot: When you are focused on it and willing it to happen, it doesn't. Then, like when Jason and Grant went up the steps at the Birdcage Theater chatting away, they both caught something out of the corner of their eyes, turned and saw the lady descending the other stairs to the private gaming rooms. When you walk through the forest just daydreaming about going for a swim or pondering your life, you catch sight of a Bigfoot. Sometimes, by not concentrating on something, it happens. Nearly every time during an investigation we had something happen, it was while we were discussing a situation and then - wham!

My best advice is to lift your head away from the meters and devices and start actually surveying the room. The screen lights up your face and makes it harder to see things, so at least hold it against your body to block the light and allow your eyes to acclimate and survey the area. I cannot tell you how many people missed action because they were hoping their electrician's meter would tell them if a ghost is present.

As of yet, the only valid meters for ghost activity are the human senses and mind combined in interpretation, and coming in second are voice recorders (EVPs).