The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Tattered and Scattered

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.


Journal Volume 3

Report #52
Sunday December 11, 2016

It was a busy weekend with many personal things to attend too. I finally was able to break away and head to the park. Also it had been raining on and off thru-out the area. 

I arrived at the park approximately 3:50 PM. The temperature was 73, overcast with possibly more rain. It was a war. 73. Two days ago the temperature was 35 at sun-up. 

I used my bike to make a quick ride to 1B. As I got out of my car it was sprinkling. I started the ride at 3:55 PM. At 4:03 PM I arrived at the site entry treeline. I did the regular flute notes and called my name out a few times. I then went to the pipes. 
Before noting any observations, I did my customary 3 tree knocks. It was lightly raining at this time.

I noted the following observations:

#1. The monkey doll was now angled at the tree crook.???? I left it up-right previously.

#2. The baseball with the drawn on face previously in a tree crook was on the ground.????

#3. The earth ball I had with the monkey doll was on the ground.????

#4. The red decoration was also on the ground.????

#5. The damaged animal doll was also found on the ground.????

#6. The baseball, earth ball and red decoration laid out in a pattern.????

I did no new set-ups at the pipes this trip.

#7. I moved all items at the pipes into the top storage pipe.

#8. At 4:15 PM moving to the deeper site, these 2 limbs/sticks were on the path.???? Possible ground glyph????

#9. I used these above limbs/sticks to make my own glyph on the path.

#10. Moving on, another interesting grouping of large limbs on the path.????

Wow! As I got closer to the deeper site a lot of possible aggressive activity was noted.

#11. thru #13. The 'Lil Joe Young' doll was found with the stuffing material pulled out from his back and scattered over the site.????

#14. Wrappers and carton remains from the tree bucket were scattered on the ground in front of the tree.????

#15. Wild! The large rock and 15lbs. kettle bell were found still in the bucket with a cereal box carton remains. ???? All food items were behind the rock and kettle bell. They had to be removed to get at the food items. I really don't know what to make of this.

#16. The red tire has been moved and the then bone can be seen.????

#17. The bear-bee doll was found on the ground with stuffing from his nose pulled out.????

#18. and #19. A closer look at the red tire. Inside the rim opening were found 3 of my rocks, the long, thin bone plus a stick.????

#20. The mini-monkey doll was on the ground behind the buckets set-up with body down to the ground.????

#21. and #22. This very long limb was on the walking path in the site.????

#23. This particular branch was found between the long limb and the gifting log. ????

#24. thru #27. At the deer corn bucket setup, the tires, rocks , bucket and drawings sheet were found knocked over and scattered. ???? Two of the plastic bags for holding fruit and deer corn can be seen close and far. ????

#28. I removed the rock and kettle bell from the food bucket. Under both was this unshelled peanuts wrapper. ???? Apparently, both had been removed, the peanuts taken, the empty bag put back into the bucket and the rock and kettle bell put back into the bucket on top.????

#29. A closer photo of the bear-bee doll showing the stuffing pulled up thru the nose.????

#30. thru #32. A closer photo showing the back side of 'Lil Joe Young'. This is were all the stuffing was pulled from and scattered as seen in previous photos. I have gathered all the stuffing scattered around the site and put it all back into him. I also tied some cord around his body to try to keep the stuffing from being removed again.

#33. A new spot for 'Clyde'. The crook of 2 vines at the hanging sheet.

#34. I put the bone piece, the mini-monkey doll, the bear-bee doll, the painted rocks, the water jug all into the plastic garbage can. The item I use for all the balls and major plastic items found in the area.

#35. After re-stuffing "Lil Joe Young', I put him onto this particular crook.

#36. I laid out the 4 tires in this position.

#37. I added these 2 rocks to the deer corn bucket.

#38. I put this garbage can lid in a tight tree crook.

#39. Food items for the tree bucket.

#40. All the food items stuffed into the food bucket.

#41. This should show the rock and kettle bell put back into the bucket opening over the food items.

#42. I moved the large limb to a different position on the path.

Wow! A lot of activity since the last visit. Again more aggressive than usual.????

Approximately 5:15 PM, I finished cleaning the site and left.

This concludes Field report #52 for Sunday December 11, 2016

**Tomorrow's post "Creepy Mummified Body Parts Found!"**