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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Stick Glyphs

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.


Journal Volume 3
Report #50
Saturday November 26, 2016

I arrived at the park approximately 9:52 AM. The temperature was 65 and cool. It was partly cloudy with high clouds. I had my bike with me and rode the trail first. This took 44 minutes. I was back to back to my car at 10:48 AM. I then got my pack then rode over to the site.

The goal of the trail ride was to observe any new tree breaks, twists or limbs etc. broke over the trail. Also to see if any stick signs were along the trail in the grass. I did observe several interesting items on the east end. These I photographed.

Trail ride observations with photos. These cover photos 1-8.

#1. thru #3. Between mile markers 2.75 and 3.0 , on the north side of the trail, approximately 10' inside the treeline, these possible stick signs. ????

#4. On the ride back from east to west, between mile markers 2.50 and 2.25, on the south side of the trail, were a garbage container used to be , an unusual layout of limbs/sticks.????

I'm not sure of the meaning of the so-called stick signs/glyphs, encountered over the past 3 years here. Hopefully, others looking at these and combined with their experiences can figure out the meaning of the signs.

I made it back to my car. It was 10:57 AM. I got my pack on and began the ride to 1B. It was 11:02 AM. I was pretty excited to see what may have happened since the last visit. on the ride to 1B, observations noted earlier, I decided to photo now.

#5. Before mile marker 0.25 on the south side of the trail, lay a good size limb on the ground. This may have been a walking stick that was discarded. ????

#6. Approximately 50 yds. to the east of 0.25 mile marker, on the north side of the trail, a small branch/limb was broke over at approximately 4' off the trail 3' off the ground. This was along the edge of the treeline. ????

#7. and #8. In the past, I had laid out 2 log limbs at the spot as an arrow pointer to the east on the north side of the trail. This was between mile markers 0.25 and 0.50. The north side log was gone. Were the limb had been can be seen by the beaten down grass. ????

I continued on to site 1B. At 11:20 AM, I entered the site treeline. Ugh! Even this late in November the mosquitoes were out and harassing me. After entering the site, I did my 3 flute notes, 3 knocks and whistles. I moved to the pipes and made the following observations:

#9. On pipe #1, the balls on the water meter cover have not been moved. The sticks have been moved.????

#10. On pipe #2, 'Elmo' was laid back further with the stick still behind him.????

#11. The marble and blue rock have been slightly moved.???? The blue ball was now to the side of the water meter cover. ????

#12. The red hanging decoration was on the east side of the storage pipe, on the other pipe.????

#13. The far right tree crook near the storage pipe the red decoration was removed from.

The new set-ups at the pipes area.

#14. At pipe #1, looking to the east.

#15. At pipe #2, looking to the west.

#16. At pipe #3, looking to the south.

#17. I moved the baseball with face and another hanging red decoration, to the tree crook in front of the storage pipe.

It was time to move on to the deeper set-ups site. It was 11:45 AM.

Further observations:

#18. thru # 22. A the food bucket tree, the large rock was in the bucket with one plum still in the bucket. ???? The kettle bell was on the ground with the wrappers, etc. ????

A few more wrappers were farther away.????

I stopped to pick-up all food related trash items.

#23. Food items for the bucket.

#24. The food in the bucket with the large rock and 15 lbs. kettle bell on top. This was at the bucket opening.

#25. At the gifting log, the container with deer corn has been removed off the log. ????

#26. The mini-monkey doll has been moved and again found with the face on the ground. ???? Also 2 of the rocks have been moved.????

This past week, the 'Clyde' set-up has not been messed with. 'Clyde' was left alone the first time in awhile.

#27. The wolf head mask in the bucket, looks like it has been pushed down into the bucket.????

I decided to remove the wolf head mask and arms off the site.

#28 and #29. The garbage can lid, I left in the tree crook, was now on the ground below the crook. ????

#30. thru #32. A new set-up with the deer corn bucket, food items, tires, rocks.

#33. The mini-monkey doll at the vine crook and hanging sheet. A new set-up.

#34. The mini-shovel/pick on the gifting log. The bear-bee doll on the ground rock. The balls, rocks, sticks straightened up.

#35. 'Clyde' in the hanging tire.

I finished with the current set-ups at 12:40 PM. I had my camp chair on site and sat for awhile. I read and snoozed till 1:20 PM. At this time I left the site to hike the creek area to the east.

As I hiked to the east, I checked out what looked like to me several blinds along the creek. I had left items in them, to see what would happen to them. Here's what I observed:

#36 thru #39. At blind #1, the 'BF' drawings sheet, I left hanging in the blind, was now on the ground.???? the beads were still hanging. I rehung the drawings sheet along with other items, including a washer hanging on a blue cord.

#40. I removed all interior trash from the 'blind'.

Hiked over to blind #2. There was no change. It was as I last left it.

#41. I hiked on to the east. I went so far then hung a length of yellow caution tape along the treeline to mark my longest hike to-date. I turned back at 37 minutes.

#42. On the return hike, I found what looked like a possible 3-toe track/impression. ???? This was the 2nd time I may have seen one in this immediate area. I still don't know what to think.????
The measurements seems to be : 8.5-6-3.5 inches.

#43. Towards the treeline back west along the creek another 3-toe track/impression? 10"-8"-4".????

#44. I found this damaged animal doll. I put the doll into one of the tree crooks near the pipes.

I was through for the day. I left the site at 3:07 PM. I really enjoyed being out here today even with the mosquitoes.

This concludes field report #50 for Saturday November 26, 2016.

**Tomorrow's post is "The Psychos Next Door" **

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