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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Something Came Through

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.


Journal Volume 3

Field Report #51

Friday December 2, 2016

I didn't work today. I had to take the car to my mechanic for brake work. I took it in at 7 AM and it was ready before 10 AM. Also starting this afternoon thru Sunday, we were supposed to get heavy rains with possible flooding. With this possibility, I made the decision to go to the site today. 

I left home at 10:46 AM for the parking area. I arrived at the park 11:03 AM. The temperature was 65, cool and breezy, mostly cloudy with the sun breaking thru at times. 

At 11:09 AM, I was geared up and riding my bike to 1B. At 11:17 AM, I was at the 1B treeline entry point and began moving to the pipes. 

Again, upon entry to the area, I did 3 flute notes, 3 tree knocks and whistles. My observations with photos follows:

#1. At pipe #1, 4 of the 6 balls have been slightly moved. ???? You can see their past positions from the last visit.

#2. and #3. Both dolls are laying back at their positions.???? The limbs or sticks behind the 'Elmo' doll have been moved back, away from the water meter cover. ???? The water meter cover has been angled in position. One stick was still on the water meter cover.????

#4. thru #6. The green toy soldiers, the toy zebra, and 2 balls were now on the ground, on the east side of pipe #2.???? All these items now on the ground seems to have been laid out in some sort of pattern.????

#7. and #8. At pipe #3, you can see the blue ball between the pipes, wedged between the pipes close to the bottom. ???? All 3 balls and the sticks have been moved, even if slightly.????

#9. At this time, I put the water meter covers, balls, sticks, etc. at this location into the high storage pipe. Hopefully, if it rains or floods the items will not be lost.

#10. thru #12. In the tree crooks near the storage pipe, I relocated the : monkey doll, the 'Elmo' doll with a red decoration piece. I left the baseball w/ face and decorations as before. all other items have been relocated to the storage pipe.

A light rain started in the immediate area. At 11:45 AM, I moved to the deeper set-ups area. My observations here were the following with photos:

At the food bucket:

#13. thru #15.  All the food items were taken. ???? The large rock was on the ground.???? The kettle bell was still in the bucket.???? The wrappers and card board trash items were on the ground in the immediate area around the trees.????

#16. thru #18. Near the above items, there seemed to be a ground glyph. ???? This was near the rock.????

At this point, I began picking up all trash items in the immediate area.

#19. I had a small plastic container in which, I had put a sweet treat candy bar in. The container was missing but the lid was found under some leaves.????

#20. The next food items for the tree food bucket.

Ugh! Here we are in December and the mosquitoes are still out in force wanting blood! I hate mosquitoes!

#21. I re-stocked the food bucket. At the bucket opening, the rock and kettle bell are both in place with the food items behind them.

#22. My hanging map-case has one of the snaps, unsnapped. ???? I have been keeping cans of spray paint in the case with both snaps closed.

#23. The water jug, frisbee, and white rock was now on the ground, removed from the up-side down buckets set-up.????

#24. The discolored bucket, left in the plastic garbage can on top of the balls, etc., was now in this angled position.????

At 12:10 PM, as I moved around the site taking notes and photos. To the NW of me, something, took off moving fast from N to S. This was between me at the deeper site and the pipes area. I thought I glimpsed something between the trees and foliage but could not get a clear view. Whatever, moved fast for 4-5 seconds then nothing. The ground was covered with leaf litter all thru the forest area. 

I spoke out in a moderate voice that I was here as a friend, etc. and not to leave the area. I hoped for a visual encounter but it didn't happen. After pondering this for awhile, I got back to what I was doing. I continued with my observations, making new set-ups, and taking photos.

#25. The bear-bee doll was moved from the rocks set-up near the gifting log. ???? This was approximately 5' from the log and on its back.????

#26. and #27. The mini-monkey doll was found hanging from its tail at the hanging sheet vines crook.????

#28. The blue ball with painted face had been removed from the tree crook and was now on the ground below the tree crook.????

#29. and #30. At the deer corn bucket with tires set-up, all the food was taken. ???? The container with lid was found next to the one tire and bucket.???? Also scattered around was the rocks and 2 yellow tires.????

#31. and #32. One of the clear, plastic wrappers from the deer corn bucket can be seen in the far distance approximately 50' east of the items scattered. ???? also a close-up photo of the wrapper.????

#33. Food items for the deer corn bucket: 1 pear, 2 sliced carrots, 3 corn-on-the-cobs, 1 apple, deer corn. All in the clear, plastic sliders.

#34. The food items put into the bucket ready to be covered.

#35. The food items are enclosed by the tires stack and under the plastic garbage can lid with rocks on top.

The following are new set-ups:

#36. The mini-pick/shovel hanging from a lanyard on a tree branch nail.

#37. I used the up-side down buckets stack. I put mini-monkey and bear-bee dolls in sitting positions. The yellow rock was used to keep them in position. On the bucket top, I put the white, heart shaped rock. Also, the water jug is next to the bucket, up-right.

#38. The red tire in the tree crooks. In the tire rim opening, I put the 4 painted rocks and the long bone I painted with blue spots.

#39. I moved the blue ball with face into the tree crook above the tire painted red with the rocks and bone.

#40. I moved 'Clyde' from the hanging tire to the hanging sheet vines crook.

#41. I removed all items from around the gifting log.

#42. and #43. At this time, I decided to walk out east of the site for a short ways and circle the site. While walking back to the south, I came across the 'Lil Joe Young' doll. ???? He was approximately 75' east of the deer corn bucket/tires set-up. ???? I was surprised when I found him. I hadn't thought about his being missing from the immediate site.

#44. I found to the south, a short distance, one of the other missing containers, the deer corn had been in. ???? It was pushed in near the top. ???? This has happened to nearly all other containers, I have left deer corn in. I couldn't find the container lid. ????

#45. I moved "Lil Joe Young' on top of the limb above the map-case paint container bag.

It was time to leave. I left the site at 1:15 PM.

This concludes Field Report #51 for Friday December 2, 2016.

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  1. Have you ever considered​ checking the food bags/ wrappers for prints or saliva?