The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Clyde is Down Again

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.


Journal Volume 3

Field Report #53
Saturday December 17, 2016

I arrived at the park at 11:54 AM. The temperature was 79. The sun was trying to break thru. The high for today was supposed to be 81. The weather was very unseasonable. It was very humid. It rained yesterday afternoon and some overnight. The whole area was wet this morning. It was mainly cloudy.

I decided to do the 8 miles trail ride today. That included the close ride and the main trail. I went to the 1B site between the close ride and the main ride. I believe it's good that I don't come over to 1B more than once a week. My excitement level in anticipation of each visit has always been pretty high. I always expect some interaction to have taken place in my absence.

It was 12 noon and took my bike on the close ride. There was a lot of wind today. At 12:10 PM, I completed the close ride and prepared to head to 1B. At 12:15 PM I was on my way.

On the way to 1B the following observations along the trail were noted:

#1. thru #3. As I passed by the 0.25 mile marker, I approached the cedar tree off the south side of thee trail. I saw a Y-limb/stick with thorns at the base of the cedar tree on the north side. It looked out of place.???? There are thorn bushes to the east on the edge of the mowed area around the tree and immediate treeline. Also there were 2 strips of tree bark parallel to each other next to the Y-limb/stick. The Y-limb/stick had to come from the large thorn bush. There were also some other sticks on the mowed area.

#4. and #5. On the mowed area around the cedar tee was an empty wasp nest.????

#6. and #7. I took the sticks, empty wasp nest, the 2 pieces of tree bark, the Y-limb/stick and made my own ground glyph at the base of the south side of the cedar tree.

#8. and #9. Just the east of the cedar tree are the thorn bushes. This at the edge of the mowed area around the cedar tree.

I left the cedar tree location and headed to 1B. I arrived at the 1B treeline entry at 12:32 PM. I did my customary 3 note with the flute then moved on to the pipes location. 

After arriving at the pipes I did 3 tree knocks then proceeded to do some loud talking in the area. I noticed nothing new at the pipes. The Elmo doll was still in the tree crook with the red decoration. All the items I put into the storage pipe looks as if nothing has changed. Nothing was messed with.

Here it is the middle of December and the mosquitoes are still buzzing me fiercely. Tomorrows high temperature is supposed to be the mid-40's. The temperature will be dropping overnight with a low of 34 by 8 AM tomorrow.

#10. thru #15. I did new set-ups in the immediate area of the pipes. This included the balls and dolls.

After completing this, I moved to the deeper area. This was around 12:55 PM.

#16. thru #18. On the path to the deeper site, the past ground glyph sticks, I laid out , several have been moved.???? Possibly hogs? Near the glyph was indications of rooting.

I threw the glyph limbs/sticks aside.

#19. Further on the path, at the old bucket tree, the limbs noted and photographed last visit looks slightly different now.???? After taking the photo, I tossed all the limbs into a pile.

At 1:05 PM I entered the deeper site and made the following observations:

#20. and #21. Both the rock and kettle bell have been removed from the bucket and found on the ground.????

#22. and #23. The food items wrappers, zip-lock bags, trash items were scattered around the food bucket tree.???? Some wrappers were found further south from the tree in the woods.????

I took the time at this point to pick up all the immediate trash items from the bucket.

#24. Food items for the tree bucket.

#25. Food items in the bucket.

#26. I put the rock and kettle bell back into the bucket opening on top of the food items.

#27. I found the painted red ball on the ground near the tree crook it was on.???? Maybe high winds brought it down?

#28. The rock painted white, with a blue painted spot, previously located on the top of tire, was on the ground.????

#29. "Clyde' was found on the ground again.???? Maybe he was knocked off the crook by high winds? Actually, ho looks like he was placed on his side in a sleeping, resting position.????

#30. thru # 32. Two of the drawings sheets attached to the hanging sheet was now on the ground.???? Both looks like the cords/strings were untied. ???? I had them both tied with a simple knot. I re-attached both drawing sheets.

#33. The deer corn bucket which I filled with larger rocks was knocked over. ???? No deer corn was put out my last visit.

#34. A new deer corn bucket set-up using 4 tires, 8 rocks. Only 3 tires and 4 rocks can be seen in this photo.

#35. The food items inside the tires set-up in the bucket. This included deer corn and fruit items.

#36. The 4 tires set-up. I filled the tire rim opening with 8 rocks.

#37. 'Clyde', up-right, on the other yellow tire with rim.

#38. The hanging tire from chain set-up. The mini-monkey and bear-bee dolls set up on a Frisbee with 2 rocks inside the tire rim opening.

#39. I just noticed this visit, that the deer antler, I had hanging from the bed sheet location looks as if its been gnawed on.????

#40. and #41. I moved the larger limbs from one location to this one a long time back. I brought them to this deeper site. I had corded them to one of the near-by trees. The limbs has been moved around. They had been tied with a cord tight to the tree. ???? I moved these limbs over to the other tree with limbs.

#42. thru #45. New set-ups: Plastic Y piece in 2 photos, hanging mini-pick/shovel, 'Lil Joe Young".

#46. thru #48. A large tree break approximately 5' off the ground. I used the broken parts of the tree break and laid them out as a large pointer with a small blue painted stick at the point.

I took the paint cans home with me today. I was missing the min-bear. I have been walking the site perimeter to try and locate it. I just can't find it.????

I decided to leave the site and complete the rest of the trail ride to the east and back. I left the site at 2:25 PM. On the ride, I noticed nothing unusual along or off the trail. No breaks or glyphs. At 3 PM, I was back at the pipes. I retrieved my backpack and left the site. This was 3:15 PM.

This concludes Field Report # 53 for Saturday December 17, 2016.