The Most Bizarre Photographic Finds On Mars!

Mars explorers have sent back photos of some rather unusual, sometimes vague, and often times puzzling items on the surface of the "dead" planet. 

This has us wondering, if our own planet no longer supported life, would all the evidence of our having been here be covered up by a millennia of earth, leaving only the occasional hint someone might have been here?

Here's a look at a large gallery of photos from the red planet. You come to your own conclusions....

The one above, I will chalk up to optical illusion. The stone is actually on the ground in the distance. In the foreground is a rock casting a shadow. 

Are we looking at a planet that seems to be dead and yet it has a history of life? What if a civilization that was quite advanced had the opportunity to leave a sick planet for a healthy one not so far away in terms of space travel? Is Mars a planet that never supported life or is it a planet that sustained life long enough to build an entire civilization now buried under debris? 

WIKIPEDIA: To date no proof has been found of past or presentlife on Mars. However, cumulative evidence is now building that the ancient surface environment of Marshad liquid water and may have been habitable for microorganisms. The existence of habitable conditions does not necessarily indicate the presence of life.

Or course, we can also remember a time when the Earth was flat, the planets circled the Earth and not the sun, and when Neanderthals were dumb cave dwellers with no tools or art. 

Boy, can academia make sweeping statements in which they must later eat crow.