Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Present Day Russian Neanderthal?

Regions with Bigfoot-type bipedal creatures have their own local names for these types. In Russia and Siberia, they are referred to as the Almas by the Mongolian people and Almasty by the Russians.
These beings are described as between 5 feet tall and 6-1/2 feet tall; much shorter than the typical American Bigfoot.

They are said to have reddish brown hair, flat noses, a pronounced brow ridge, and weak chin. This is a classic Neanderthal face.

One thing we don't know about Neanderthal is if they were hair covered. With hundreds of thousands of years to adapt to the climate of the Altai mountains and cold northern regions, they likely were. 

A boy in Russia (LINK) found some prints that were attributed to a possible yeti. 

When you look at it, however, it resembles a Neanderthal print quite a bit with the pronounced inner curve and the angle from big to little.

Could Neanderthal still exist in Russia and Mongolia? It would be as likely as my theory that the Bigfoot are descended from Densiovans or the other as of yet unnamed man from that era that shows up in our gene pool. These archaic men are the really the only honest bloodline possible for another human on the earth who has evolved to have distinctive features not like Homo sapiens. 

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