Monsters in the Deepest Ocean!

The ocean takes up the majority of the surface on our world and yet so little of what is in it is known to us. Upon occasion, we come across some real mysteries, tantalizing glimpses that make us wonder. For a long time, the giant squid (above) was a legend until it was finally filmed underwater. What other legends might tell us what is in the sea?

One creative thinker in 1570 drew up the sea monsters that lay in the waters outside of Iceland. Scientist and artist, Abraham Ortelius had some very fanciful ideas of what awaited the seafarer.

He also pondered what might live in the Pacific Ocean.

In 1644, another artist/scientist drew up what he thought might lurk in the waters off of Africa. Willem Blaeu had quite an interesting vision.

In 1727, Peter Kolb envisioned a sea lion of interesting characteristics -

In present day, we still run across things in the sea that puzzle us. Here is one such thing photographed at Hook Island. It was estimated to be 75-80 feet long and to this day there is no final explanation, only a lot of various guesses of known creatures. (LINK)

Although we have yet to officially find sea monsters, an enormous amount of life in the oceans is still being uncovered. Sometimes they wash up on shores and puzzles us, other times our deep sea vessels photograph them.

One popularly believed monster in the sea is in Antarctica and referred to as "Ningen." The first sighting of the Ningen was in the 1960s.

It is said to be human-like and 20-30 meters long. It is reported to have arms and fingers on the hands and a mermaid like fin. Supposedly, a team studying whales came across it on radar, thinking it was a whale. 

This video below is definitely worth the watch and rather chilling. Have we found something amazing and kept it covered up?

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