Krokodil Chronicles

Supporting indie artists is a huge part of my life and I really want to share the indie movie Krokodil Chronicle's Indie Gogo page because I'd like to see this film made. This group is really talented and itching to bring us what we want - 


Krokodil Chronicles is second full-length feature from Quattro Venti Scott Productions. This horror anthology revolves around the street drug Krokodil and its horrific real-life effects. Known as the drug that 'eats its junkies', this real life, flesh-eating opioid attracted our attention as its use spread across Russia, Siberia, and the Ukraine. Today, Krokodil can be found worldwide, including the United States. Join us in bringing these four chilling tales to life!

Get to their Indie GoGo Page (link above). You are going to be amazed at how much the moviemakers share with the public and allow you into their world. This is a fantastic project and I support it.