Don Monroe Case Files: Unusual Carving Unearthed!

Life-long explorer, adventurer and researcher, Don Monroe, has a million stories to tell, only he's been on the road nonstop, busy hiking the back country in dozens of countries, climbing the highest peaks and crawling in the deepest caves to understand this natural world we live in. He has hunted, tracked, trapped, cast footprints, talked to Native people, continued several-decade long ongoing research projects, devoured tons of research books, and ultimately sought answers about every aspect of nature and all the mysteries within. During those travels, he came across many unusual things. What I am presenting now is one of them - 

Don Monroe and a researcher friend named Massey, were up at about 7000 feet on Anaconda Range in Montana. They were tracking a bear when Don noted something sticking out of the ground, just a bit of something, but didn't look like a regular rock. 

In this remote area at that elevation, the idea of running across something man-made was unlikely. He stooped down and dug at it and pulled it of the ground. Only the nose area had been exposed. 

As he removed the dirt, Don discovered it was a carving made of stone. The back side of it appeared be unfinished and there was some kind of odd lettering carved into it. 

Up close, the carving shows a snake is wrapped around the figure. 


 My enhancement to see writing

He took it around to the tribes in the region and they agreed it was not their work or their style. The rock it was carved from appeared to be from rock found about 10 miles away. So, the local native rock and a carving shows it was likely someone there had carved it. But when and who? Given the extremely remote location and burial in the earth, it had been there quite some time, perhaps many snows and thaws had passed. It also looked as if it had broken off of something larger. 

Looking at the facial style, it is different than most native styles. I compare it below to a moundbuilder figure - 


Cahokia Mound 

Bat Creek, TN

Grave Creek, WV

Heavener Stone, OK

Los Lunas Decoulage

This unusual find is really a mystery and continues to be. It is Don's hope to find out how it was made, where it was made, why it was made, and by whom.

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