Sunday, May 7, 2017

Are Extinct Animals Still Among Us?

Coelacanth thought to be extinct 65,000,000 has been found in the waters off the coast of East Africa

Many creatures thought to be extinct were found to still exist. The world is a large place and those that survive, know how to carve out their own niche. Let's have a look at some that were found and some that might still be here awaiting finding.

Nelson - from Mexico was thought to be extinct but was found again

Takahe - thought to be extinct in New Zealand was found again

Narwhal - Discovered in 1555 in the arctic and thought to be extinct - they still exist, but only a few

Let's look into some extinct ones that may just need a little locating to reveal that they never left us. Here's some big contenders.


Thylacines, commonly known as "Tasmanian Tigers"

These carnivorous marsupials from Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea were thought to have been killed off in the early 20th Century. But, today, many film and photograph what would appear to be thylacines.


Today, there are reports of flying pterosaurs, pterodactyls, and what Americans often refer to as "thunderbirds." Papua, New Guinea has a good deal of supposed pterodactyl sightings and much of the American Southwest, as well. 

Papua, New Guinea

Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoths enjoyed the ice age climate and much of the globe. The last ones that existed died off around 4000 years ago. 

Whether they still exist in regions like Siberia, we haven't proven conclusively, but finds in that region of dead ones have revealed some with blood still in their system, making it quite possible that cloning one is in the future. (LINK)


Dinosaurs were said to go extinct 65 million years ago. That is hard to fathom how long ago that was. Yet, we have a great deal of wildlife today attributed to have evolved from dinosaurs, so some would have to have survived, huh?

Reports of dinosaur sightings have occurred in Africa more often than any other continent. The mokele-mbembe is said to be a water-dwelling dinosaur in the Congo region. 

The most reported dinosaurs outside of Africa are in lakes, such as Loch Ness monster and Champ from Lake Champlain. Giant squid and other sea monsters have been reported throughout time and what lies deep in the ocean is questionable, as it takes up such a vast amount of the earth's surface, it's hard to document much of a percentage of its contents. 


Thought to have gone extinct over 2,000,000 years ago, the Megalodon is an extinct creature that people secretly hope isn't. There is a deep fascination for a shark that could reach 59 feet in length!

Forget "yer gonna need a bigger boat," "yer gonna need a bigger ocean!" 

There have been plenty of creatures we have discovered that we didn't know existed before, but upon occasion it would seem that ones called extinct were simply hiding away....

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