7 Epic Fail Survival Tactics During A Zombie Apocalypse

- This is a guest post by Mike at Mikes Gear Reviews - 

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Some experts claim that a zombie outbreak is not impossible to happen. With this in mind, how prepared are you?

A zombie apocalypse can be a metaphor when things go wrong as if it is the end of the world. Zombie survival tactics are rife online but how much of it is accurate? We gather some of the popular zombie survival tactics that will actually get you killed faster:

Survival Tactic #1: Buying weapons during zombie outbreak

When a zombie outbreak strikes, the first thing that people will do is to go to the nearest gun shop and get all the weapons to protect them. This will get you killed as most people will think the same. If worse comes to worst, people will fight over a limited number of weapons available.

Survival Tactic #2: Bugging-out immediately

When an emergency suddenly happens, people would like to run away and evacuate to a safer place. Panic spreads like wildfire and most people are paranoid to get out of the city blocking all the main roads. An instant feast for the zombies, isn’t it?

Survival Tactic #3: Staying indoors and increasing defenses

When a zombie apocalypse befalls us, the initial reaction is to lock all doors and shut all windows to prevent the undead from coming in. However, this is a bad idea! Blocking the doors and windows could mean that you are also locking yourself in and making it harder for you to escape if the situation gets worse.

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