The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Clyde the Attraction

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.


Journal Volume 3

Report #49

Sunday, November 20, 2016

I arrived at the park around 2:25 PM. The temperature was 67, cool, no clouds with a clear, blue sky. I geared up and left my vehicle at 2:35 PM. I rode my bike today and the ride was quick to the site. I made it in record time today. At 2:40 PM I entered the site, After doing my 3 flute notes, I proceeded to the pipes. I did my customary 3 knocks at the pipes then began to note my observations. I had been away from the site for 8 days. There was activity.

Observations at the pipes with the following photos:

#1. thru #6. All the balls were on the ground around pipe #1.????? 4 balls on the west side, 3 balls on the east side. the 2 water meter covers were still on the pipe with 4 small sticks and 2 small rocks left on top. ???? 1 stick was on the pipe, off the water meter cover, at the south end of the pipe. ???? 2 marbles and 1 rock were missing.???? The 4 balls on the west side of the pipe on the ground looks like they were laid out in a particular position.???? The 3 balls on the east side of the pipe, also looks to have been laid out in another particular way.???? The earth ball was removed from the tree crook and was on the ground approximately 5' from the tree near pipe #2. ????

#7. thru #10. At pipe #2, 'Elmo' and the monkey doll set-up with the water meter cover has been messed with. ???? Elmo was found on his back with the water meter cover at an angle.???? The ball previously left on the cover was found on the ground approximately 4' to the east side. The earth ball was between pipe #2 and the ball from pipe #2.

New set-ups at the pipes follows:

#11. thru #13. Pipe #1 set-up

#14. thru #16. Pipe #2 set-up.

#17. thru #19. Pipe #3 set-up.

#20. At tree crook #1, I hung the red bow decoration.

#21. At tree crook #2, I put the baseball with drawn face and red decoration.

Wow! Interesting activity at the pipes this visit. Sometimes no activity, other times a lot.???? I finished at the pipes around 3:15 PM. I moved on to the deeper set-ups area. I completed a walk thru of the area and a lot of activity took place.

Deeper site observations:

#22. thru #24. At the food bucket, all the food items and the large rock were removed. ???? The wrappers, etc. were scattered over the immediate area in front of the food bucket tree.???? The kettle bell was still in the bucket???? It could have been removed from the bucket then put back. ????

At this time, I picked up the wrappers etc.

#25. New food items for the bucket.

#26. I placed the food items in the bucket then the large rock and kettle bell over them.

#27. The mini-monkey doll was removed from my paint container bag and was found on the ground below the bag.????

#28. The front, blue rock at the gifting log was found out of alignment.????

#29. At the balls container, the old plastic garbage can, in the plastic bucket on top I had put the wolf head plus arms and claws. One of the arms/claws was now outside the bucket and on the yellow tire.???? The wolf head face mask was found pushed down into the bucket.????

#30. A close-up photo of the arm and claws on the tire.????

#31. 'Clyde' was removed from the tree crook again and found on the ground.???? Recently, 'Clyde' has been constantly messed with.????

#32. At the deer corn container set-up everything has been messed with. ???? The deer corn was taken and the empty torn bag was found on the ground nearby. ????

#33. thru #35. Possible ground glyphs #1.????

#36. and #37. Possible ground glyph #2. ????

#38. thru #40. New set-ups at the gifting log.

#41. and #42. New 'Clyde' set-up with tires, rocks, etc.

#43. I re-set the wolf head mask and arms, claws in the bucket on the balls container.

#44. I added the blue ball with face in the tree crook and put one of the garbage can lids on another crook from the same tree.

#45. I moved the red ball with face from the hanging tire to the cross crook of vines.

#46. I moved the white ball with face to another tree crook.

After completing the new set-ups, I sat and relaxed for awhile taking in the sounds, the times of quiet, etc. I left the site at 4:10 PM.

This concludes Field Report #49 for Sunday November 20, 2016.

**Tomorrow's post will reveal the proportions of Bigfoot footprint size and extrapolates height based on a logical comparison**