Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Cochno Stone Mystery

In the UK region, a lot of ancient "cup and ring" patterns are found etched into stone. One very interesting rock with these designs is found in Scotland and called the "Cochno Stone."

The carvings date about about 5000 years in the Bronze Age. It is 42 feet by 26 feet and was kept covered up to protect from vandals, but scientists are going to 3D map it and give it another look after a considerable time of dormancy.

The meaning of the symbols is vague and interestingly there are feet carved out on the stone as well with only four toes.

(LINKHistory researcher Alexander McCallum, who has lobbied to have the stone uncovered, said there were multiple interpretations for the carvings.

“Some people think that the Cochno Stone is a map showing the other settlements in the Clyde Valley – that’s one of the theories. I think it was probably used for lots of things; it was never used for just one thing and over hundreds of years it changed use,” said McCallum. “As far as the symbolism goes, some believe it’s a portal, of life and death, rebirth, a womb and a tomb – people believed in reincarnation, so they would go into the earth and then come out again."

Others believe that the stone shows the cosmic system. Like many other stones that have not been deciphered, it remains purely interpretive at this time, but none the less intriguing.

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