Removing Negative Energy In Your Home: Promoting Positive

Prism-casting crystal for wearing on purse, hanging from a ceiling fan cord, or in a window

Houses remember. They carry energy of everyone who has been there, every event that occurred, every thought, emotion, pain, death, and joy. It behooves us to tread well upon the floorboards to ensure our home tends to produce good and wards away evil. Here are some methods that can help insure home remains sweet home.

Let's begin this educational journey with what NOT to do - 

Do not argue inside if you can help it. If you have no choice, do so in the bathroom. If you tend to argue in the bedroom - stop that practice immediately! It may be private in there, but it is also the seat of your relationship with your significant other. You cannot find rest in a room that has been argued in. It is no longer your refuge from the noisy crazy world, but the site of your last disagreement. That negativity, as well can attract bad energy. Put on top of that the fact your brain cycles during sleep and is vulnerable to communication, you might be making your bedroom the beacon of activity from beyond.

There are many options for healing a home from past injuries and creating a positive energy that reinforces good behavior, good luck, and achievement. 

The good news is that small changes can make a big difference, and not just on the energy of the home, but the way the people in the home relate to that space. If you make the people happy, the people leave traces of positive energy there. So, think in terms of how visually, aurally, olfactory, people can be more efficient, comfortable, relaxed, and open to humor and loving feelings. Utilize scents, light, organization, space, fresh air, and more....

Negative Ions  

Incense is utilized in religious practices for its cleansing qualities, to cast off. In a home, it has similar effect, as does the burning of sage. As well, it creates negative ions which are actually a good thing - they create a reaction in people of well being and sometimes even euphoria. As well, moving water - waterfalls and salt lamps can do the same. Salt lamps are popular now, but be certain you don't have them where a pet, especially cats who can climb, can get to it. It will cause serious illness from licking it. It would be better to utilize a waterfall or even an air purifier which creates negative ions, as well. 

Fresh air  

It seems so simple to have fresh air coming into the home but that fresh air is not only good for your disposition, it also creates feelings of well being, lack of stagnation, energy in and energy out instead of pooling. 


Light brings with it a form of energy. It brings up spirits for the people in the home, as well. Dark homes tend to produce more melatonin hormone in people, the "I need to sleep" hormone. And darkness lacks the energy that bulbs and sunlight can create to ward off anything that feeds off negativity or stagnation. Keeping your home well lit is good for the spirits of the living who reside there, as well as a hindrance from anything that cloaks, pools, or settles in. 

The prism crystal from the Ebay shop at the top of the post - that is a great example of a way to disperse and send out bits of light around an area. Hang it from a ceiling fan cord, in a window, clip it on a purse or backpack, anywhere you want to spread light and good energy. Warding off bad mojo can be as simple as shedding prisms of light around you like an aura.


Clutter has a lot of issues. Clutter blocks pathways for energy to move and exit. It also means unattended lingering business that "haunts" the living every time they see the piles, boxes, or stacks. That constant background reminder of what needs to be done can wear a soul down in the living, and it can also create cul-de-sacs of energy that is blocked from moving on. When a place is cleared of clutter and organized, the occupants get a sense of business being done, lots of space and no distracting intrusion, as well feeling like one has the time to relax and enjoy life, creating those positive feelings. 

Essential Oil  

Essential oils can be added to vodka or grain alcohol and put into a spray bottle for an air freshener or even to spray onto the sofa or curtains. You can add it to baking soda and shake into carpet and then vacuum up to release the scene. You can add it to epsom salts for baths. It can be utilized in heated diffusers that release the scent. However you use them, there are many uplifting scents that work on positive energy attraction, as well as to make the people in the home feel better which, once again, provides happy feelings to the home's history. Some suggested scents are orange, rosemary, lavender, and peppermint.


(LINKRose quartz crystal is used to attract love and romance, as well as heal a broken heart. Feng shui-wise, the rose quartz crystal emanates specific frequencies that promote heart healing. Black tourmaline and hematite have strong protective energies, while citrine helps heal self-esteem issues, as well as attract wealth and abundance.

Two rose quartz hearts are often placed in the Southwest feng shui area of the home to promote happy energy in a love relationship. Often a full bowl of rose quartz crystals is placed in the bedroom as a feng shui love cure.

Religious Items

If you have developed a spirituality or follow religious practices, you might want to incorporate those into your home. Symbols such as the cross, pentacle, ankh, Star of David, and others can be visual reminders for you, but there is an intent behind the symbol. We tend to look to them for strength. Religious texts, such as the Bible splayed open in a home can be another constant reminder to you and the environment that yours is a spiritual home. To others, nature symbols like rocks, shells, live plants and feathers can be symbols that embody the thrust of one's belief system. 


Placing salt in the corners of your rooms is believed to be a good practice to ward off the bad. Salt is like the salt lamp situation - if you have pets, do not use it. It can take only a small amount of salt to put a pet into a serious condition. Others might utilize holy water and that is another element that has positive spiritual energy imbued in it. 


There are some wonderful audios of nature sounds, running water, Native flutes, Tibetan bells, and meditative or relaxing sounds. You can also play upbeat music in your home, like Muzak. Whatever you choose, be sure the tones are pleasing for everyone. Annoying music can be worse than silence. But, too often our television sets are what is making background sounds in our home and that is utter chaos. Try to have a part of the day in which positive sounds transition everyone to relaxation, pleasure and lighthearted fun, to gear one down from a day of activity and frenetic brain patterns. 

Positive memories

You can overlap bad memories in a home by filling it with good ones. Host family gatherings, play Cards Against Humanity, watch funny movies, cuddle and coo. Display photos of vacations and loved ones or mementos with much meaning. Sing and dance in your space. Put up signs with happy words. Leave love notes for family members. 

The good news is, you don't need money to make a home trained to keep out negative and bring in positive, you just need some initiative to organize, clean, brighten, and bring positive events and memories into the home, and leave the bad outside. 


Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster (book) by Anna Maria Prezio 

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