Clan of the Cave Warrior: Accidental Bigfoot?

This is an ongoing series about explorer and spelunker, Ken Gentry, and his many encounters with amazing wonders and mysteries on and in our planet.

It was about 30 years ago when a honeymooning couple took to the Sierras on a romantic getaway to celebrate their new union. They headed out to the Black Rock region in an area that had a high traffic of Bigfoot, something they weren't aware of at the time.

Armed with a camera, they took many photos of their memorable time together, photos that would later be developed at the drugstore like any other person in the time before digital cameras.

It was many decades later that their son would take the photo to Ken to ask him what that was up on the rock shelf. His parents had baffled over the sighting of something up on a rock up above the wife who was posing. (see white arrow pointing up at it)

Zoomed in closer - 

zoomed in even closer - appears to be seated

When the photos were developed, a few days later, they hiked back up there to find nothing on that rock. They did, however, leave something as a gift. They also found scuff marks around the rock where something was moving around up there.

They came back again soon after the offering to find it gone. 

After that, neither the wife or husband went back to that area.

Enjoy another Ken video - 


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