Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Unusual Scents For Para Geeks!

I am both a scent freak and a paranormal geek, so the combination of the two always curls my toes. I'd like to share a find I made on Etsy, a shop called Divining by Northstar

I ordered Drunk Pear and tried some samples too. I use these essential oils to mix with Epsom salts for the bath, I mix them with baking soda to sprinkle in carpet and on sofa to vacuum up later after they gather scent, and to add to vodka or grain alcohol in a spray bottle for room and fabric freshener. 

Only some of the more para-geek scents include:
Peter Pan (green musk, salty fresh air, a smear of grass, a rumbling thunder storm, and a drip of sugar.)
Wendy (white musk, lilacs, tuberose, a touch of English ivy, and the faintest hint of baby powder.)
Roderick Usher (absinthe, the rumbling of thunder, a streak of violets, and a trickle of blood)
All Nighter (Those all night games require fuel and caffeine: warm amber, coffee, zinging sugar high, and deep, dark chocolate.)
LARP (Fresh leather, a touch of merlot wine, a smear of grass, and the intense sweetness of honeysuckle.)
The Lost Boys (White musk, bubble gum, a touch of tart apples, the scrape of dirt, and a whiff of sweet vanilla.)
The Raven (The shuddering nightmare of a stormy night, alone in the darkness where every sound makes you jump: red musk shot through with sparkling dragon's blood and a touch of juniper.)
Leviathan (The giant sea serpent of the deep. His scent is one of deep, warm oceans: blue musk, warm sea, sea salt, and kelp).
Dorian Gray (His scent is a beautiful, deep amber drenched in sweetened black tea swirled with vanilla.

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