Spring Fever: Beach-Themed Horrors

It's that magical time of the year where some sunshine and promising thaw are making folks go into full-blown spring fever. With spring fever comes the daydreams of beaches and relaxation. But, for those of us who love horror, we're wondering - what beach-themed horrors can I find? 


Dead Calm A couple take a sailboat out for a quiet trip to get over the loss of a child. Out in the middle of the sea, they come cross shipwreck survivor and wish they hadn't helped him.

Piranha It's time for summer and all the sun seekers at the popular river getaway. The only problem is the science project that escaped into the water - intelligent and hungry piranha!

Jaws A popular summer island getaway in New England finds itself the focus of a huge hungry shark, just when tourist season begins.

Uninhabited  A couple goes on a vacation for 10 days on an isolated island, just to the two of them (and a ghost).

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer  They thought they were past the stalking killer, but he has found them in the Caribbean resort during storm season.

Club Dread  A serial killer stalks a swingers group at the resort club.

The Horror At Party Beach  Radioactive sea creatures attack the beach goers.

The Savage is Loose A husband, wife and son shipwreck on an island. It's almost idyllic until the son comes of age.

Blood Beach  Something or someone is killing off beach goers.

Terror on the Beach
A family camps on an isolated beach only to be harassed by a biker group of hippies. 

Horror Sand Sculptures

Real Beach Horrors

And there are also other very real horrors to deal with at the beach -