Review "The Dark Tapes" Horror Movie

I am always pleased as an author of horror, supporter of independent arts, and a writer for this blog, that I get to occasionally preview a show or a movie ahead of release date. I was very honored this time to review an film festival award-winning Scifi/Horror genre movie, "The Dark Tapes" directed by Michael McQuown. 

The movie will be released in paid-for viewing on most of the popular outlets like Google Play, Vudu, iNDemand Dish, TV Amazon, Playstation, Vimeo, etc on April 18th. You can also pre-order on iTunes.

Wow, what to say...??? 

I haven't seen a movie like this before. It's going to lead the way, I suspect, for a new method for horror. In the past, most of us who cut our teeth on 70s and 80s slashers, got used to those scenarios and killers without rhyme or reason. But, "The Dark Tapes" takes you into the science behind the madness.

I have not seen a movie that kept me poised and attentive to the very end, that was not predictable in the least, that had some of the most horrifying chills I have seen since I was 13 and sneaked into the theater to see "The Omen." As an adult, it's generally hard to frighten me, especially as ghost and Bigfoot investigator. But, oh, wow! I finally got to exercise the muscle that involves adult horrors based in very primitive childhood terrors.

I'm pleased with the quality of acting. The casting was spot-on. The editing was unbelievably talented, the technical methods used were outstanding. And, the frights were truly genuinely unsettling.

We horror lovers have found there is a shelf life for the concept of slasher films and vaguely-motivated killing machines. 

Movies go through cycles where a genre will be beat to death based on the decade and the events happening on the world arena. In the 70s, we saw lots of disaster films which were appropriate for that miserable decade. In the 80s, with people being self-driven and into their own greed and competition, slashers seemed to shine above all other horror themes.

But, here we are, firmly established in the 2000s, and we have seen more and more reality-based horror, sort of camera-in-hand genre. It makes sense. If you've ever had to sit through an episode to keep up with the Kardashians, you know that you've seen the horror that is the E! Channel.

What I've been watching for is any directors of the genre who show potential to be a Carpenter, a Hitchcock, or a Craven; someone who will define our decade. 

And then along came Michael McQuown and the indie film, "The Dark Tapes." 

I won't give away the plot, only to say that it is riveting, has your full attention, and you truly have no idea where you are being taken. The science behind it was well studied and completely jives with what I focus on here at GHT. 

If you are an investigator, I consider this a MUST SEE film. 

All I can say is, be certain to mark the release of "The Dark Tapes" on your calendar, set a reminder on your cell phone, put it down in your daily planner - just be sure you are ready to have a new helping of horror that you've never tasted before!

I will be reminding everyone of its release just before it's out because I don't want anyone to forget to earmark this film for viewing!