Quarry Killings, Bigfoot and Ghosts!

Quarries are a standard land feature anywhere that stone is gathered and toted off for projects. They are often known as great swimming holes that are clean and clear, formed as a pool in the middle of large chunks of mined stone. Other than an occasional summer heat reliever, quarries are also sites to dispose of bodies or take people to in order to perform murder or sacrifice. As well, Bigfoot are often sighted in quarries, as well as them having reputations for hauntings. Might geology be an attractant for high strangeness? 

Why might quarries be particularly high in killings sites? Probably because they are away from the city proper, down dirt or gravel roadways, not utilized in the nighttime, and offer a constantly turning earth that allows for hiding the dead, deep water ponds, as well as caves and such to secret within. They are also very dangerous work sites, and sometimes close enough to roadways that unsuspecting motorists drive off into them.

Devils Mountain Quarry, Indiana

Milltown, Indiana is a quiet and pleasant place, but sometimes these locations have a way of hiding lingering horrors. A series of killings and animal tortures were discovered in the quarry mine there were said to be satanic church members performing these rituals of killing since 1969.

(LINK) A Penn State professor was pushed off an 80 foot rock ledge in a quarry. The coroner said he lived perhaps 2 days down there before he finally succumbed to his injuries. The perpetrators hoped to make it look like he drove there to hike and just fell from the ledge.

(LINK) A mother and daughter died after their van drove off a 90-foot ledge into a quarry. 

(LINK) A Tennessee worker died on the job at a rock quarry. While using machinery to work the rock, a large rock fell atop of him.

(LINK) In California, a man heavily armed went into a cement plant where he worked. He killed three people and shot seven others in methodical order because of complaints about his driving of the quarry truck. 

(LINK) The body of a Bennington college student in Vermont was retrieved from the Dorset Quarry. She went missing after her car was found near the quarry. Divers finally found her.

(LINK) A man struggling with drug issues went missing. For months, his mother tried to find him. Eventually, his body was found on the edge of a quarry.

It's not just death around quarries and questionable goings on, but also other unexplained oddities associated with them. Bigfoot sightings are unusually high at quarries. 


(from the movie "Letters From the Big Man")

(LINK) In 1969 in Illinois:  I was with a friend, we were going to the quarry to go fishing at night, it was about 9 pm, I was walking in the lead down a path to the quarry, the path drops off sharply at the edge of the quarry,about a 15 foot drop, so you have to kind of run down it, there was a small sandy area at the bottom next to the water and a path that went all the way around, the area was surrounded with tall weeds and brush, as I ran down the slope I saw a big hairy thing I can only describe as a tall humanoid covered with long hair (about four inches,reddish brown) it was tall and lanky and kind of reminded me of a basket ball player, it was bent over facing away from me, almost kneeling on the ground, I was no more than ten feet away from it and as soon as I saw it I turned around and ran back up the incline scared to death hoping it wasn't following me, as I was coming back up I almost ran into my friend who was just at the edge of the drop off, he asked me what I was doing and I was afraid to tell him what I saw, we then went fishing, and I never spoke of it.

(LINK) In 2008 in Washington: ....We pulled into the muddy rock pit(we were driving a '69 220 Mercedes) drove in about 50 feet and then noticed something in front of the car. My husband seemed panicked and wondered what the hell it was. It was gray(light colored)big, human shape, visible right in front of our car no more than 15 feet from the front bumper. Even though I knew it wasn't human or a known animal, I told him it was a deer's butt and not to be scared. He has stopped the car at this point and then we both witnessed the creature climb up the side of the quarry at a high rate of speed. He was terrified, but for some reason, I wasn't scared at all even though I had just (seen) something unexplainable. I convinced him to park and we got the stuff out the trunk headed up the other side of the quarry and started the fire. By the time it was really going it was dark out and we were just sitting and talking. It also started to rain a little. I had the unerving feeling that we were being watched. That was when we saw headlights coming up the road and turning into the quarry. It was the sheriff. He stopped at our car then came up the side of the quarry in his truck, shining his search beam on us as he ascended. After asking what we were doing he left and headed down the side of the quarry in which we had seen the creature earlier. I noticed about a quarter of the way down he stopped and shone his light into the woods at which time the previously viewed creature was spotted standing at the edge of the woods. It turned around and headed back into the woods and the sheriff sped down the side of the quarry. I bet he remembers it, but I don't remember his name.

(LINK) In 2007 in Niagara Falls area: I stopped at a working stone quarry area that I had been to on many other occasions to spot for deer. As I stepped out of my truck to look into the very large field the deer are normally in I immediately saw what I initially thought was a girl with very long hair (cascaded off the head and at the considerable distance, appeared initially as far below the waist) moving very rapidly through waist high field grass covering what I estimate at around 75 yards in certainly less than 15 seconds. As I look back, I believe I was looking at the full body hair and not just hair flowing from the head. As the figure continued on to my right at approximately 225 yards away I noticed that it didn’t seem to have any clothing I could see and as the biped moved into shorter grass and moved slightly away from me and crossing a tractor path I could make out what I thought were glutteal cheeks and at the same time realized that the whole body was the same color as the head and upper torso. This biped moved very rapidly through the rocky terrain along the far edge of a huge quarry and at the same time did not appear to be running at any time but moved gracefully and smoothly with no apparent arm swinging I could see. It moved quickly into a field of corn and I did not see it again despite scanning for another 10 minutes. It is my belief that I did in fact witness a hairy bipedal animal and since that time have spent considerable time in and around the general area to spot and look for sign of some type. I have spent all my life in the outdoors as an avid hunter and camper and know what I saw, and realize that not many people have had the privilege to witness. I will continue to look forward to finding, and hopefully seeing another bigfoot as I have been told by Mike George that there was another sighting last year by multiple people at another quarry about 4 miles to the East at another working stone quarry. That information confirmed my sighting for me as a certain amount of self-doubt manifests after such an incident. I am Native American and aware of the many legends of the First Nations of long ago and consider this a sign that I must carefully consider.

(LINK) In 1994 in Oregon: Directly below a rock quarry, two friend were bow hunting in a rock quarry. They heard what sounded like girls talking or laughter and then suddenly a rising scream that they described as sounding like a mother seeing her young be killed. They they heard others in other locations joining in.

(LINK) In Australia: According to the report, the possible Bigfoot video is from Barrington Quarry in Australia and shows an upright subject hiding within the brush and rocks. It can be seen moving into a clearing for a short time, although the footage doesn’t offer a very detailed look. It’s hard to determine the size of the possible creature or exactly what it is doing as it emerges from the brush.

The Stalker Between the World series (LINK) here on GHT has focused on a man in the Southern US who walks a daily route around his rural are and has come in contact with some sentient being that is killing animals, displaying them, moving things around, breaking things, and getting aggressively near his home. Over the years this has been going on, the Walker has resolved that the Stalker is coming from the quarry area. In fact, activity began when the State reopened the quarry after decades of closure. 

It isn't just Bigfoot at quarries. They also have reported spooklights and ghostly goings on. Let's have a look at just some of them. 


(LINK) Deep Lock Quarry in Ohio is said to be haunted. Men killed in the quarry while working are said to haunt it.

(LINK) In 1918, a munitions plant t Split Rock Quarry in New York exploded. Today, a quarry is on that land. Glowing green and yellow figures are seen. 

(LINK) Following a quarry disaster, locals in Oklahoma believed the spooklights reported there are a result of the tragedy. Some report them as ghosts carrying lanterns. 

(LINK) Local legend - Supposedly there is a Rock Quarry in Cedar Lake, Indiana that has been there since the late 1900's, but not many people know it exists. It is said to be haunted. The story goes that the two houses next door to it used to be homes for homeless children. The owner of the two houses was supposedly a closeted homosexual, mentally unwell man in his late 50's and would only allow boys into the houses. When his wife came home on the night of November 14 and saw him drag a boy into the bedroom. She screamed and he hit her over the head and dragged her to the quarry, where he beat her to death and buried her amongst the rocks. He went crazy that night and murdered all of the twenty-five boys under his care in the homes. It is said that he buried all the bodies in that quarry. Now if you go there you will hear the little boys laughing on some nights, but on November 14, you will hear nothing but the sound of screaming and then the old man grunting and the rocks moving as the night he buried the bodies of his wife and the little boys.

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