Pareidolia: A New Look At Faces in Nature

As investigators, we are often handed photos of orbs with faces, or a forest with "faces" in it. Most researchers balk at these faces seen in nature, but it might be time (for several reasons) to look at it in a new light. 

Cutting through stone to build a section onto the area of a dam in West Virginia, the workers went into the "glory hole" as they came to call the cavernous area, and where they had carved through stone, their lights struck a face (just left of center) that looked demonic. Some men ran from the hole and would not go back. Eventually, concrete was poured into the area and it was gone. But for a time, everyone recognized a strangely scary face on the stone.

Pareidolia: The visual phenomenon of seeing faces in objects.

Faces in nature - 

We scoff at photos that seem to show faces in nature. Many people parrot the concept that we are built to see faces because in order to survive, man had to find his people to help him, to link onto a face as a baby and know who is mother and who is father.

I'm not necessarily sold on the concept that man doesn't inherently know another living caring human being from an animal and, even in that case, a baby will seek comfort from the dog or cat, whoever is nearby.

I know a lot of researchers want to toss out the group that sees faces in nature and finds repeated patterns in the forests, but their arrogance could show a researcher who has parameters to his quest. To close doors on any aspect of research is to pretty much say, "I already know how this works." For every path they don't leave open, they have created a box that is hard to climb out of.

I am of the belief that no arena should be chastized. You may not choose to spend your time on that subject, but someone needs to because sometimes new techniques and viewpoints can shed light on your own research. Let someone do that work so you don't have to (if you wish to see it that way).

What if man's brain was more right-brained dominant in the past? What if the cave drawings that looked so mystical and perhaps even his interactions with nature (look at Native legends of people being born from rocks and trees) were not so much spiritual as aesthetics. 

It's likely possible that ancient man's mind was wired to see the spirits in nature that we only sometimes are capable of glimpsing. What we might see if we took a psychedelic like DMT, ancient man might have seen quite readily. 

Pagan worship, the first spiritual practice, was surely based on the concept that there is spirit in nature and we must consider that when dealing with it, respecting lands, asking permission of trees before cutting them down....

Try this: Sift through your photos of the forests and see what you find. Art teachers often tell students "Don't draw an eye. Draw the shapes you are seeing, the curves." When we think we know what an eye looks like, we don't see the shape of that particular eye. Don't assume you know what a forest contains. 

When you label me - you negate me.

So, look to nature in a new light now. Look at those photos without seeing streams and leaves, trees and bushes, but shapes. What is there? Who is there?

And, always be respectful of every line of research. You may eat crow some day.

(book - "Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness - Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul" by Dr. Patti Diamond)

"The infinite circle of living, indefinitely from experience in human form in co-existence with the spiritual soul beings who choose to live infinitely from existence in plant, insect, animal, plankton and infintely other forms, together, two being as one, began its origins on the earth dimensions as pure, perfect, whole and complete in what is known as Lemuria.

Suggested Documentary: Invasion of the Dark Stars

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  1. Well said, I enjoyed this. Thanks :)

  2. Quite frankly as someone in the field of Bigfoot research I want to maintain credibility.It is hard to do when certain people decide to flood all the sites with blurry pixilated bushes. They claim that something is there when in fact there is nothing at all. It is simply an effect of magnifying to the point of distortion. This is evidence of nothing but someone seeking attention. This trash should not even be considered as evidence. Its people like this that degrade the credibility of everyone in the field of Bigfoot research. I have taken great risk to my own personal safety to learn and gather evidence. Seems a waste when these people do this and people like me are no longer taken seriously. You get judged by the company you keep and that means the biggest loon in the bunch. This is unacceptable and we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard than that!


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