Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mermaids Washed Ashore!

Mermaids are perhaps the most all-around beloved focuses of legends and lore. Women adore the romance and beauty, men adore their glorious unadorned appearance, and everyone loves the idea of a human-like being who can breathe under water and have the ocean for a playground. But, that very obsession makes us wonder, what if one washed ashore and we had proof of their existence? Here are some "mermaids washed ashore" for your evaluation and skeptical debate - (*Warning: Some of these will make you chuckle, others will fascinate!)

Some mermaids are of questionable origins

(LINK)  Although the photo above is not of a beautiful mermaid washed ashore as we would imagine, a man in Norfolk says this washed ashore. Explanations have ranged from a dead seal to a real mermaid. But, it has been noted the man reporting it makes models of things from the sea. A little PR stunt? Hmmm.... 

(LINK) We find a cultural difference in how mermaids appear. Here below is one from Hawaii - 

...and one found in Egypt (below) -

I'm not saying that mermaids have existed or do exist, but I am showing how something that is such a popular concept can be whimsical and fantastic to consider - 


  1. The Mermaid by Lord Alfred Tennyson

    Who would be
    A mermaid fair,
    Singing alone,
    Combing her hair
    Under the sea,
    In a golden curl
    With a comb of pearl,
    On a throne?