Friday, March 10, 2017

Hands-Free Lights For Investigating

Every now and then I get to test equipment (given it free to test). I usually pass up on items that have no relevance to my research or my readers. But, I got an offer to try out RunLites and the sling style caught my eye. 

Up until now, I've been using Rave finger flashlights that break and give off a very tiny light. I like the sling style because they are cooler in my desert climate, but they also make gloved ones.

It's very simple. The package arrives with two glove bands, two lights, and a cord that recharges by USB both at the same time. 

You slip the light into the pocket on the back of the hand and the switch is a big button. Just tap the back of your hand and it comes on!

If you do ghost investigations, urban exploration, Bigfoot investigations, or even bike riding at night or hiking, these are a MUST-HAVE tool! 

I'm a geek at heart and I am glad to say I will be putting away the Rave finger flashlights henceforth!

You can find them on Amazon but be careful - the lights are sold separately.

The sling model is $15.95!  (LINK
Lights $19.95 (LINK)

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