Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Moving Stuffed Toys

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Journal Volume 3
Field Report #44
Sunday October 23, 2016

I arrived at the park at 3:15 PM. The temperature was 79, pleasant with a breeze and cloudy. My main goal with this visit was to check the items and step-ups left this past visit on Friday the 21st. I visited both 1B and the P.R.O.W. I used my bike today. I left the parking area at 3:30 PM and made it to 1B and the pipes by 3:38 PM. Nothing at the pipes were out of order. All items just as I left them on Friday. I took the bucket with balls to the deeper set-up area. here were my noted observations that took place within the last 48 hours.

#1. thru #4. The food items were removed form the gifting bucket. The wrappers were on the ground around the tree. One wrapper was approximately 40' to the SE from the tree. ????

#5. The 15 lbs. kettle bell was now on the ground removed from the bucket.????

#6. The large rock must have been removed to get the food items out then put back into the bucket opening.????

#7. 'Clyde' was removed from the top of the bucket and was on the ground near the bucket tree among some of the wrappers etc. ????

#8. and #9. I had used a cord type string tied around 'Clyde' to keep him vertical on top of the bucket. one can see that the cord/string was a the rear of the bucket at the tree. ????

I stopped observing at this time to pick up the trash wrappers from around the tree and immediate area.

#10. and #11. I did an new setup beneath the bucket. I put the large rock, kettle bell and blue painted ball with face at the tree base. I moved the cord/strings back to the front of the bucket.

#12. I moved 'Clyde' into the crook of a group of small bushes.

#13. 'Little Joe Young' was found on the ground near my camp chair. He was removed from the red tire.????

#14. and #15.  The garbage can lid with white markings was in the middle of the tree crook prior to this visit. It has been moved to were it's just barely hanging in the crook of tree bushes. ????

#16. thru #18. The deer corn bucket, tires, rocks and garbage can lid on the ground have all been scattered in the immediate area.????

#19. and #20. I did a new set-up with 'Little Joe Young'. I put him, the black tire, garbage can lid, and colored rocks on the camp chair arms.

#21. and #22. Another new set-up. I took the yellow tire with rim, bucket, and the large rocks and put on top of the garbage can with the balls.

#23. I left the deer corn bucket empty. No deer corn today. The bucket is attached to the bushes by a long strap.

#24. I painted green this weathered old football found in the woods. I then moved into the crooks of a bush near the food bucket.

It was now 4:25 PM. I rode by bike to the P.R.O.W. to check the area. I arrived at 4:50 PM.

#25. I re-set these logs at my old set-up position. I also hung some the native American and "BF' drawings sheets, left a bag of deer corn, and a rock.

#26. thru #28. At the 3 trees in the deeper area off the P.R.O.W., there were no changes, etc. All was as I left them on Friday.

I left the P.R.O.W. around 5:30 PM and headed back to the parking area. Another interesting visit and interactions with ?????

This concludes Field Report #44 for Sunday October 23, 2016.

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  1. This is my first time that i am hearing this news. Really interesting one.