The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Flute and Knocks

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Journal Volume 3
Field Report #45
Sunday October 30, 2016

I arrived at the park around 3:05 PM. The temperature was unseasonably warm at 88. There was a clear, blue sky with some high clouds. Initially, I thought about not coming to the area today. I was having a shoulder problem and other items that needed to be taken care of. Well, I had to come anyway. The lure always gets me. At least to check all the set-ups and food items set out last visit. My initial plan was to visit 1B then bike over to the P.R.O.W. I filled my backpack and headed to 1B. On the way, my observations began,. The following was noted:

#1. thru #3. A possible stick signs grouping off the south side of the trail. These 2 sticks were in an unusual position. They were the only 2 sticks in this grass clearing???? They were approximately 12'-15' off the trail.

After noting the above, I rode on to 1B. I arrived at the entry to the treeline at 3:30 PM. I moved quickly to the pipes.

#4. At the pipes, the 'earth' ball was on the ground near the 2 pipes. It had been removed from the monkey doll.????

#5. The 1/2 pecan shell had been removed from the monkey head.???? I didn't see it around.

#6. I saw the 1/2 pecan shell on the ground among leaves in front of the monkey doll.????

#7. and #8. I did a new set-up on pipe #1. I put the 'earth' ball, 1/2 pecan shell on top of the water meter cover.

I left the monkey doll in the same tree crook position. I did my customary 3 flute long flute notes and 3 tree knocks then moved into the deeper set-ups area.

Observations noted in this area:

Near the feeder bucket tree:

#9. The blue ball with face was moved approximately 5' on the ground away from the blue rock at the tree base.????

#10. In the shadows, the green painted football was on the ground.????

#11. 'Clyde' was still in the tree crook but now in a 'bowing' position, head down.????

#12. The 2 sticks that recently formed a pointer, were now spread a little wider and looked less like an arrow or point.???? Looks more like an 'L'.

The area close to the clearing:

#13. The balls on the ground within the sticks rectangle, are now all in a straight line.????

#14. The 4 rear balls were now grouped. The front ball was moved to were the drawn on face could not be seen. ????

#15. The small, folding, hand shovel-pick has been moved on the log.???? It looks to line up with the balls below. It was almost parallel to the mirror on the log.

#16. and #17. This stick sign now looks different from last visit.????

#18. The green bucket was on its side still tied off to the bush limbs.????

Everything else seems to be ok as I left them last visit.

#19. Food items for the bucket.

#20. The food items have been placed in the bucket. I have added the large rock and 15 lbs. kettle bell at the bucket opening.

New set-ups:

#21. and #22. I re-arranged the balls at the base of the log.

#23. and #24. I added ground sticks and rocks.

#25. I attached the mini-monkey doll to the map case/paint holder.

#26. and #27. I moved the blue ball into the higher tree crook.

#28. I moved 'Clyde' on top of the deer corn bucket holding the green painted football. No deer corn today.

#29. I just noticed food wrappers in the bushes near the food bucket tree. Actually looked like they were placed in position to be found.????

#30. and #31. I put my Halloween costume pieces of 'Wolf-man' on a low bush. Hope for a reaction.

I didn't go the P.R.O.W after all. I headed back to my vehicle. It was 4:40 PM.

This concludes Field Report #45 for Sunday October 30, 2016.