The Stalker Between the Worlds: Q & A

The series "The Stalker Between the Worlds" is an ongoing series for several years and continues to go on as more incidents accumulate and are reported on here. 

Many readers of this popular series are on the edges of their seats, wondering how things are going in the Walker's neck of the woods and, more importantly, how does he cope? 

I am putting some questions to the Walker for everyone to get an understanding of his thought process on these exceptionally unusual events. 

WARNING - some photos are graphic 

Sharon: So, the number one asked question of the Walker is aren't you scared?

Walker:  No. I was a little anxious at first. But, enough time has gone by that something could have harmed me, but it hasn't. When you see animals killed, it is sobering, though.

Just some of the many animals killed and not eaten, but displayed. Some had the head torn off and the limbs scattered around, others were gutted, or strangled.

Sharon:  What do you think the Stalker is? 

Walker:  First thing that comes to mind is Bigfoot, but I don't really know. Because it can pick things up and carry them, I figure it has hands. The thing I saw on the roadway atop of the carcass had more of a snout than Bigfoot, which was in the right area, but I can't confirm it's the same culprit. 

windchime picked up and moved to the hummingbird feeder 7 feet up

Sharon:  Was there ever a time you got really angry? 

Walker:  Never angry. Just a nervous feeling, angst might be the word, or concerned. When you don't know what it is and it can take a chunk out of an animal or pull the head off a rabbit, that can make you unsure. It didn't mind killing and carrying rotting carcasses back and forth. I'm dealing with something very strong and very powerful, but a wily thought process. 

One of several stray dogs killed. This one had a strip of hide removed and was strangled with a makeshift noose of duct tape

Sharon:  Do you think this will end? 

Walker:  It has ended a dozen times, but then started back up. I think it's an area it either lives in or frequents often. Something attracted it to the area to keep coming back. 

Here's an example; I go up and down the same business district in my town. It is my pattern. I get used to the trek. I don't visit the side streets. I know where what I want is and I go to it. It's my route.

It is using this area as a route, perhaps, a routine. Those things were placed out there with me in mind to see. It picked me out. If often removed things after I had seen them. It replaced one dog with another dog. It moved beheaded rabbits. Deer carcasses were moved with rotting flesh (not there the day before and then suddenly a rotted carcass) and then once I saw it on my walk, it was removed completely.

PVC pipe bitten away and torn

Sharon:  Have you changed any habits because of it? 

Walker:  I have been telling young relatives who visit to not go down that way.  I don't view my walk the same way I used to before this all started. I made the walk long time before this began but the activity started off spectacularly with dead animals. It was a very sobering event. 

I think about it when I walk, but I still walk. I do pay much more attention, especially in hot spots. Sometimes, I find myself looking into the woods and pondering if it's out there, watching. I feel sure it watches me find things left out because as soon as I acknowledge an item, the Stalker removes it. 

The strangled dog was removed once it was seen and this rotted carcass of a dog was left there overnight.

Sharon:  Do you have any idea where you think the Stalker's lair is? 

Walker:  Probably the gravel pit. Somewhere off down in there. There is a creek/spring down there too. 

(NOTE:  When the old gravel pit was reopened after decades and trucks began coming and going down the pit road, something had pulled the sign down on the driveway, a few times.)

Sharon:  If someone has this series of killings and displays and odd tinkering with items in an area, what is the best plan of attack? 

Walker:  If you think you're in danger, move on away. Don't run, just walk away. Do not try to engage it or interact if it is killing, especially if near your home. 

If this is a Bigfoot, it's most unusual. The behavior is so unusual, and killing animals and torturing dogs, seems like it's a rogue and troubled. This is why I have battled about whether it's a Bigfoot or what. It's just such odd behavior. The killing of the dog with the makeshift duct tape noose and tearing away flesh from this large dog, and leaving it for display was not normal for any person or any Bigfoot. 

This situation stands on its own as an odd rogue and troubled personality. Still, no community members have been threatened or hurt. 

(NOTE: Some 3-toed prints have been found and a photo of something 7' tall was captured on a few shots from a game cam. At times, it seems like it could be a person who is very troubled, but the carrying around of rotted animals and the use of found objects shows a feral lifestyle. What is it that has been terrorizing this quiet southern community for several years? We can't say, but the hope is that the Walker will get some more trap camera images to compare. A gif animation below from the game cam capture.)

(Note: Note the car and rakes and positioning of the Walker compared with the capture on game cam)


The Walker continues his route of brisk exercise daily. He is aware that the Stalker is still about and it lets itself be known from time to time. There will be continued posts on this series as more and more happenings accumulate. 

The case seems to show that there is something lurking around that quiet country rural route and that it has established itself there for several years. What brought it to the area is hard to say. If its lair is in the gravel pit, reopening might have made it emerge, but more than likely it found a path between areas it travels back and forth to and the Walker just happened to be in that swath of land it likes to visit. 

By its odd behavior and lone mind attitude, this rogue is an exception to the rule of quiet retreating Bigfoot. If it is a human, this person is very troubled and also living ferally more than likely, as they have utilized items that were found around the roadways instead of bringing items from home. As well, they can carry two baby boars by the tail down a roadway and toss them so strong that their pig tails come off (dropped into the road)

There are a few things the Walker knows about this entity - that it so far as shown no aggression to the residents and even if he ignores it, it keeps coming back.

The Walker is interested in putting up a game cam again and see what it produces. The "weird alley" area where much of the activity has been happening has shown a lot more coming and going recently. Should he capture anything, it will of course be shared here and compared with the earlier game cam finding (above).

Thanks for your continued interest in this case and for asking the questions we all wanted to know.