Psychometry Read on Bigfoot Hair

Upon occasion, I get asked to do a psychometry read on an object. Psychometry is the psychic ability to touch an object and gather information by those associated with that item

Recently, I was given some potential Bigfoot hair to do a read. The person who gathered it from a hitch on a pickup truck at a campsite. Something had been wandering around in there and other signs left them to believe there was a Tall One in the camp area. The person carefully collected it and sent me a small portion that I would be allowed to touch and then send on for microscopic evaluation. Here are the results - 

Objective observation: The hairs were uniformly black, very silky but had a loose wave to them, worn tips on the ends to points, feeling very much like silky hairs you might find on the back of a hairy old man’s hand, the kind that tickle. They were only a couple inches long, but not at all coarse. 

Psychometry reading: I had fully expected to pick up an animal type mindset. That's not what I found at all. I had to let this unfold for me so I could understand perspective. I was literally seeing out of someone else's eyes and their internal content. It's very much like being dropped into someone else's body and having some information, but not enough to know who the heck they are.

At first I was confused by the lack of concern coming from this being, but the degree of alertness. Usually if we are that alert, we are a bit geared up or anxious. Seemed detached emotionally but curious.

The visual was the weird part. Spatially very different than our understanding of space - distorted like a carnival mirror. It seemed like one color - various shades of one color. I was seeing red and I had a sense this was not daylight, but nighttime. The red was in various shades from the bright vibrant red of fresh blood to a claret wine color, a dirty darker red and a gray red. That is a hard one to describe. Everything in the visual that was alive, the plant life - gave off a bright vibrant red color with a glow as if it were backlit. And the things that were not alive, rocks and manmade objects - they were gray, but a gray with a red tinge to it. 

**Previously, I had done a read on a deer skull to have a daytime visual that was bright neon shades of green for everything in sight, except the rocks which were a gray with a green tinge. The living things - trees, bushes, even speckles in the soil - were backlit with this light energy, like an aura in a way. LINK TO THAT READING ** 

Imagine if you took a megaphone and you held it up in front of you so the wide cone was facing your face and the speaking end was away from you. 

Now, imagine the cone is see-thru you see all of the peripheral vision in the cone and straight ahead a long distance with the central mouth piece? 

You are seeing all at once but in a graduated way, peripheral items are closer to you, central vision is very distant. This is exceptionally spatially gifted, but whereas we use peripheral to give us a "sense" of what is around us, this fellow could literally see it with central vision simultaneously at various distances.

This being was lifting his head up and down, up and down from what it was reaching for (vehicle hitch) with its hand to the distance straight ahead, past the vehicle – where the vehicle is aimed. 

The hitch on the vehicle is what had his attention and I think he wanted to see if he could take it with him or discern its purpose, like a tail on a vehicle in a way. There is a fascination with smooth metal, the high gloss, the shininess as if it's wet when it isn't. 

There is a sense of not anxiety or a need to hurry, but contemplation. It is as if this being is wondering if there is awareness of its presence. It’s almost sad that whoever it is waiting for is not responding. The closest I can compare it to is boredom or disappointment. 

When it leaves, it takes a convoluted, zig-zag path away from there and that is normal for it. Whereas we might decide to go straight, easy, fast, this one is used to cutting through space based on visual interest instead of the usual concerns. It is routine to be near life - the plants - and to not be a steady target. It is more involved in the process of going from here to there instead of goal-oriented like we are to get it done. It appreciates novelty and new routes. 

The best I can compare this to is our homes. We may use the upstairs hallway to get to bedrooms and the stairs, but the majority of our time in our home is spent in the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, not in the hallway. To this being, the entire forest is a home, best spent in the "rooms." 

It will be back and this time to interact with curiosity to what looks like a rain spout or some kind of runoff pipe where water comes out….

I think they want to know why things that are "dead" intrigue us. The fact is, the vision was very brightly shades where things are living and much more pale/dull where it is not, like a gravel driveway... 

It ignores the "dead" for the living. But, when they see us surrounded by so many 'dead" things, they wonder. This also includes the “dead” things we carry with us, such as cameras, guns, and the like. They are suspicious of the “dead” things – roadways, cars, houses….

The left-brained reasoning we do naturally did not seem to be that powerful. Information is brought in by keen senses, 180-degree seeming vision, as well as night vision, and there is a sense that this being knew he was big, powerful, and in his own territory. He had no fears like we might have if we knew we could scare the crap out of someone with a gun. This being did not want confrontation and showdown, was ready to just walk away. Emotions were not trigger-happy like ours can be, going from fear to anger or disappointment to joy. Emotionally very even within, living literally in the moment. Contemplative.

Where we might come from fear, this fellow seemed to come from contentment, a bit of loneliness, but contentment. He had nothing to prove, no one to answer to, and sought moments of experience interacting with everything in the forest, even us and our "dead things." Attention was fleeting because novelty was the motivating factor for exploration. Once a curiosity was satisfied, he was ready to move on.

*I cannot verify this, obviously. I am sending the hairs on to be photographic microscopically. The person who retrieved the hairs did mention there was a water spout there, so that must have been the focus of curiosity. I am not certain if this being used the water spout and was waiting for an all clear to enjoy it or if he simply wanted to tinker with it next time he came by. I am adding this to my prior reading to get a better sense of what might be working here so far as vision and thinking to explain the mindset/qualities and better understand the evolutionary adaptation and needs to have these qualities. I will, as always, continue this path of research along with my very analytical aspects of language, evolution, physiology, and habituation guidelines that I focus on.* 

**Tomorrow's post "The Shocking Truth About Missing Persons Vortexes!"**


  1. This, combined with the deer skull that I found, lend great insight. In addition, they are readings from two separate individuals a great geographic distance apart.

  2. Great reading Sharon. I do know that they "live in the moment " that us why they can move between here and the "other place "(that's what the big guy calls it .


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