Electronic Voice Phenomenon: How the Skeptics Got It Wrong (Part 2)

**This is the second in a series for Ghost Hunting Theories written by Jim Kelly, the EVP specialist in our Arizona paranormal think tank group.** (LINK to #1)

Why can’t we hear an EVP at the same time it is captured on a recording device?

The human range of hearing is usually referred to in the 20 Hertz range (Hz for short), all the way up to 20,000.00 Hz. This range can vary as well. Hertz is the unit of measurement we use on an audiogram when checking hearing. It takes physical movement to produce speech when we talk to one another.

Birds, cats, dogs, and even mice have a higher level of hearing than humans do.

When an EVP is captured on an audio recorder it’s never heard by the human ear until after the sound track or tape cassette is played back and reviewed by the paranormal investigator; there is a good reason for this.

EVP is imprinted on audio recorders, not recorded. That’s right. Imprinted by an unknown, unexplainable process.

When I increased the number of recorder usage on investigations, I began to notice on some, but not all of the EVP’s that I captured, the EVP’s would fully imprint, or partially imprint, on the closest digital recorder nearby.

I also noticed that some EVP would be captured in one room on a recorder, or bypass several recorders in front of that recorder and imprint on a recording device in another room in the house or structure. This might sound impossible, and it is when you are talking about conventional sound that travels. That’s why EVP is not conventional sound at all: because it never was.

Here are some examples of EVP captured on at least two recorders on different investigations.

The following EVP was captured in a historical location in September of 2016. I can’t disclose the site since we are still actively investigating it. The location of this building is remote and miles away from the nearest community.

There were two other investigators with me in this location. We were conducting a controlled EVP session when one investigator heard a noise in the corner of the room. We all decided to walk about 40 feet to the corner of the building to check it out. I decided to keep the EVP session going by asking the following question:

“Who is in here with us? Tell us your name!”

You will hear the EVP response give a name. Then repeat the name. This is one of the loudest and clearest EVP’s that I have ever captured on an investigation and it’s very rare indeed. It was captured in the room we had just walked out of.

Did you hear the EVP response? We analyzed it as, “It’s Jarvis. It’s Jarvis.”

About 20 feet away from the recorder that picked up that EVP, a control recorder was set up pointing at the middle of the room. When you listen to clip # 2, you will notice that the “It’s Jarvis” EVP is lower in volume. This is the same clip from the control recorder.

Now, listen to clip # 2 again. The “It’s Jarvis. It’s Jarvis” EVP is not only lower in volume but the cadence of the words is slightly faster than the EVP in clip # 1.

Listen to audio clip number# 1 one more time. Then listen to audio clip # 2. Do you hear the difference? If this were conventional sound, there should have been no difference in the pacing of “It’s Jarvis. It’s Jarvis.” Each sound clip should have had the same pacing of words since the recorders were so close together. This is direct evidence of an EVP imprinting on recording devices. Does the strength of the EVP sometimes become distorted as it travels across the room to the other recorder?

The loudness and clarity in clip # 1 could partially be due to the Omni Directional Dynamic microphone attached to the recorder. The recorder in clip # 2 did not have the Omni Directional Dynamic microphone attached. By using this type of microphone you will notice a distinct difference in clarity and quality with imprinted EVP’s that you capture versus the control recorder nearby. But how can this be?

When you attach a microphone to a digital recorder it is not supposed to influence the EVP at all if it’s conventional sound. But you can see that the audio clip is louder and clearer in clip # 1. Was this due to the phenomena being closer to that microphone than the control recorder nearby?

The “It’s Jarvis. It’s Jarvis.” EVP is great evidence because I recorded these two clips both on an Olympus VN-4100 gold recorder. When I downloaded them into my filtering software I made sure that they were at the same volume level. Both recorders were set at the same volume setting as well before the investigation.

This third EVP clip took place in the most active house that our team had ever investigated. The person who owned this home lived there with her boyfriend. After a trip to Europe, all kinds of phenomena reportedly took place when they returned home. When we investigated the location we began to capture intelligent EVP evidence right away. We conducted 5 investigations in 4 years at the location. We basically turned it into a paranormal laboratory, testing many different investigative strategies. Many of the clips you will hear in these articles came from that location.

In the 4th investigation, I and another investigator decided to stay overnight and test our new video camera system by staging objects around the house in an attempt to get the phenomena to move the objects under camera surveillance. We were the only ones in the home the entire evening. The owners were away for the weekend. I placed 15 digital recorders inside the small home. We placed the DVR monitor in the back bedroom and placed video cameras in every room. We took turns and rotated every 30 minutes into the house to try and activate the phenomena while the other stayed behind in the guest bedroom to watch the other one on the camera screen.

Before the isolation investigator sessions began, we both walked into each room together to conduct a controlled EVP session. In the clip below you will hear me urge the phenomena to follow us to its “Favorite Place.” The last voice on the audio clip is the EVP.

Did you catch that? The EVP is mimicking me by saying, “Favorite Place.” Play it again if you don’t hear it, but it is very loud.

You can imagine how shocked I was not only to have captured a piece of evidence that directly contradicts the skeptical community’s belief that EVP is nothing but stray radio frequency or cell phone transmissions, but this EVP imprinted on a recorder about 50 feet away in a different room in the house and bypassed 4 digital recorders in front of it! If this was conventional sound, it would have been captured on these recorders and it wasn’t.

And what are the chances that I captured a stray rogue transmission of “Favorite Place” after I had just said that phrase? This evidence speaks for itself.

The next clip is from that other recorder in the other room in the house. But in this version “The Favorite Place” EVP is distorted at the very end. Listen to clip # 4 below.

Did you hear the distortion? Instead of “Favorite Place” like in EVP clip # 3, the slight distortion on the end makes it sound like “Favorite Player,” or it could even be “Favorite Playroom.” Clip # 3 is from a Sony ICD digital recorder while clip # 4 is from an Olympus VN-4100 model. An Omni Directional Dynamic microphone was attached to either unit. Is this due to the distance the EVP had to travel to imprint on the other recorder which might account for the distortion? Or, is it just the difference in quality of the recorders used?

One more point here: The digital recorders I use on paranormal investigations capture sound in the human range of hearing. Your common digital recorder can only capture sound in this range. That is why we can’t hear EVP when it imprints on recording devices. It simply is not conventional sound at all.

The big mystery might involve around what type of energy or force is used by the phenomena to imprint EVP on to recording devices if it is not conventional sound?

Psychokinesis and EVP

Psychokinesis is the study of how objects are moved by the human brain by a psychokinetic event. No one has been able to prove it for sure, and the scientific and skeptical community will scoff at it. However, there is evidence that some people have the ability to move small objects using psychokinesis and they don’t even realize it.

In the book, “Aliens Above, Ghosts Below,” parapsychologist Dr. Barry Taff writes about a case where different sounding voices were coming from a client during the first interview. Suspicious of this, Taff experimented by interviewing the client in other locations and the different voices still kept coming from the client no matter where they were. He believes that the voices might somehow have been created from the mind of the client. An uncontrolled psychokinetic event.

In 1975, a family living in Connecticut was terrorized by bizarre movement of appliances, tables, and even a refrigerator. What sets this case apart is that it was witnessed by police officers and firemen responding to the scene. This activity was documented in some police reports as well. Very rare in paranormal case studies. Some investigators determined that the adopted daughter in the family was usually present when this bizarre activity took place and most likely was a psychokinetic agent.

In 1966, in Miami, Florida, a shipping warehouse suddenly was stricken with strange activity. Boxes dropping off shelves, brooms moving across the floor, glass objects and ashtrays flying across the building made life horrifying for the employees that worked there. Dr. William Roll, a parapsychologist, conducted a multi-week investigation and noticed that a particular employee seemed to always be in the building when these objects moved. He removed the worker from the building and the activity ceased. However, there was one incident of multiple object movement when this employee was not present.

Can paranormal investigators unknowingly be imprinting EVP on recording devices using psychokinesis? It is possible, I suppose. In my case, I ruled this out a long time ago. I went almost three years without recording EVP while we conducted numerous investigations in homes, businesses and historical locations with the same team intact. It’s something we need to consider when conventional sound is ruled out as a cause for EVP.

However, what if paranormal phenomenon is unknowingly using psychokinesis to imprint EVP on recording devices when it answers the question of a paranormal investigator during controlled conditions?

Next Up - Which is better evidence? A disembodied paranormal sound or EVP?