Analysis of Potential Bigfoot Hairs

The potential Bigfoot hairs I performed a psychometry read on (LINK)  were analyzed under microscope with extra lighting in some photos to illuminate it further.

These hairs were from a trailer hitch on a truck in a campsite that was being messed with and where prints were found. The hairs appeared to be fine, silky hairs with a loose wave to them, as would be found on body hair.

One of the most interesting aspects of these hairs is that the scaly cuticle surface is so tight that it bounces light off of it. When no light is used, it appears to simply absorb the darkness.

To the Bigfoot hair theory credit, this would appear to be spot-on. Bigfoot body hair does capture light and dark liked the dappled forest in a manner that makes them indiscernible, so long as they don't move.

There appeared to be some crystal-like attachments to some of the hairs. It is impossible to know whether these were just picked up environmentally some time in the process of the chain of possession.

Is this Bigfoot hair?

There is nothing to say it isn't. There is nothing to say it isn't some other creature's hair. But, if we continue to gather more samples from places Bigfoot were known to be, we can start to realize patterns in their hair versus other creatures. So far on my inspection of known animal hairs, I have not found a match.