What is a Soul: Where is a Soul?

Your body, like the paper of a photograph is nothing more than a vehicle. As the paper is a vehicle to display an image of the person; the person's body is a vehicle for the soul. Finding the image on the paper is easy, it's in the placement of the ink. But, where is the soul placed within the human vehicle or is it even in the body?

This 2-dimensional photo of me represents an image of me - a facsimile. It only represents my image, the paper is nothing more than a vehicle to carry that content. 

Now, if I were a 3-dimensional facsimile of a higher being I am in another dimension, then my physical body (like that paper) can be burned, die, be gone, but it is nothing more than a vehicle for my content that represents the original me - the soul.

The 2-dimensional photo of me was only an image of a split second in time. It was not an animation of me, lacking life as we know it. My 3-dimensional body is only a facsimile of my soul in a 79, 84, 99-year-old time frame. It would be an animated vehicle to act out my soul's content.

What is our soul's content? It is likely more about motivation for the mortal self. It is the driving force. Something about us being mortal, subject to adversity and needing others makes us humble. That we remember others are as vulnerable as we are is one purpose of the soul. It can push us sometimes past fear with faith. It also reminds us often that we are part of a collective and not truly singular even though we may feel that way in separate bodies. 

That photograph can get water damage and fading and other issues during its time in existence. So too can the human form. During our vulnerable time here we are exposed to others, damaging hurtful situations, handicaps, PTSD, victimization, disease, rage, and more that can affect the vehicle for the soul. Even though we may have injured our psyche along the way, the soul remains. It is like the photograph; it can be destroyed but the source of the photograph (us) remains intact. 

The location of the soul is a difficult concept. We assume it's within the body, but when you burn a photo, it does not in any way affect the person it resembled. So, if our soul is remote - not within our body, when our body dies, our soul continues. 

Listening to stories by near-death experiencers, one can gather much insight. The life signs in the body (electrical) seem to have to be shut down before soul-awareness occurs. It's more or less a shift in perspective outside of the body; floating, going down a tunnel, visiting a park-like setting. The detachment from the body is much like our detachment from a photograph. This is consciousness that is not dependent on a live body to sustain it. 

If the soul is not forced to be one with the body, what does it do while we are in mortal existence? Well, we may not have the ability to perceive those wanderings or projections, but at times we might get a glimpse of the process when one remote views or does a psychic read. The soul might be part of this greater thing we call the Akashic Records - all universal knowledge. It sounds so ethereal and hard to pinpoint and it should. After all, our only reference is brain-induced consciousness and three-dimensional mortal plane. We think in terms of here/there, past/present/future. 

Remember, the photograph would have had no clue that there was a more complex reality that it was reflecting, that its existence wasn't the true reality. So do we suffer limited viewpoint. 

The bigger question might be, is the soul individual? 

We tend to think of it like Casper the ghost, peeling away from the body, ascending to a higher place, and representing that person's mortal life and memories. But what if the soul is simply the energy by which all life exists? What if it is like the scientific rule of conservation of energy: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, rather it transforms from one form to another. With that in mind, then all the spark of life, all that energy that is in the universe creating life and dynamics, is the collective we refer to as the soul. 

And every human experience we have here (all many trillions of possible ways to be human) we take back to the collective universal knowledge and energy, filling it with souls' of knowledge.

Religions mostly teaches of a soul being tied to an individual, born with the body, exiting after death to a higher place, a reward. 

In this concept, we see that by listening to one's soul, then good decisions can be made. Religious texts remind us to treat others as we would wish to be treated and many such concepts as if reminding us we have souls, as mortals often forget their stretch reaches into Heaven or Heaven-equivalent (depending on the religion). 

For one last perspective, consider this: The photo does not understand its purpose. If it had awareness, it would not understand that there is ink upon its surface that is gazed at by an outsider from another perspective out of its realm. It can't see its value or its purpose or even why it exists.

And so it is for us in relation to our souls....