The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Tinkering

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Journal Volume 3
Field Report #40
Sunday Oct 2, 2016

Time to head to the park again. I left home and made it to the park at 12:15 PM. The temperature was 83 with a blue sky and high clouds. It was nice and cool. I did not bring my bike today. I hiked over to the site. I left my vehicle at 12:20 PM and arrived at the treeline entry 12:45 PM. I checked the pipes, etc. and nothing new was observed. I walked over to the deeper area. The following items were observed.

#1. thru #3. The food items were still in the food bucket with the large rock still in place. The 15 lb. kettle bell was on the ground.????

#4. At the red ball with face set-up on the water meter covers, the large ball was on the ground and the other 2 balls have been moved to the edge of the set-up.????

#5. and #6. The next set-up had the red & yellow tires stack, the up-side down buckets, the painted rocks, the bear doll and the water jug. The jug was found on its side.???? The bear doll was removed from under the rock & placed with its body and head down on top of the rocks.????

#7. I removed the rock from the bucket and have replaced the over food items left previous with these seen.

#8.-----I took fruit and cantaloupe and put into the tire set-up.

#9. thru #11. At the deer corn bucket, 1/2 mineral blocks and more food items left.

#12. I replenished the tree food bucket and put the rock and kettle bell into position over the food items.

#13. and #14. The tire with fruit and cantaloupe, I covered with a plastic lid and rocks.

#15. and #16. At the deer corn bucket, I put the heavy rimmed tire on top. This was to make it more difficult to get to the food, just like the other 2 food set-ups.

#17. and #18. Near the food tree bucket, I put the red ball into a tree crook.

#19. On top of the ground tire with rocks, I put the white ball with face.

#20. I rehung the white tire off the tires tree with a chain. I put 'Clyde' sitting in the tire opening.

#21. I moved the bear doll onto the red tire between the tire and limb.

#22. I moved the water jug with 2 rocks on top the 2 upside down buckets.

#23. The plastic garbage can nearly filled with balls and other plastic items I have found scattered over the area after flooding, etc.

#24. My hanging sheet with gifting log underneath. I have added more drawings hanging from the sheet.

#25. I hung my map case with cans on paint. also with drawing markers.

#26. This showed my set-up changes. The tire has rocks added to the bottom of the tire opening.

#27 and #28. I put the yellow tire back into the tree crook.

#29. On the trail path into the deeper area, the large ground glyph I made, the ball has been moved and one limb not in place.????

#30. To keep 'Clyde from falling out backwards in the hanging tire, I used this painted stick to keep him in place.

#31. My sitting spot on site.

#32. and #33. Near the treeline entry, I put this ball into a tree crook. I just wanted to see if it would be moved, etc.

#34. and #35. A possible ground glyph found on the way out. This was located several feet off the north side of the trail nearer to the parking area.

I did a lot of set-ups on this visit. We'll see what happens. I left the site approximately 2:40 PM.

This concludes Field Report #40 for Sunday October 2, 2016.