The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Moving Heavy Stuff

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Journal Volume 3

Field Report #42
Sunday October 16, 2016

I arrived at the parking lot at 9:05 AM. The temperature was 76 with a blue sky and high clouds. I planned to go to site 1B do my observations, take notes and photos, do new set-ups then go to the P.R.O.W. area. I had a full load in my backpack for today. I left my vehicle approximately 9:20 AM and biked to 1B.

I arrived at the treeline entry at 9:29 AM. After parking my bike upon entering the treeline, I did the flute notes. I then moved to the pipes and did my usual 3 tree knocks, call out my name and speak for a few minutes. I then began to make my observations, take notes and photos when required.

Nothing seemed to have changed at the pipes area from my last visit. I moved on towards the deeper area.

#1. thru #3. On the path to the deeper area, there seemed to be 2 possible ground glyphs.???? I always keep my path area clear of limbs, sticks, etc. Maybe it could be fall off but I have seen enough in this area to usually know the difference. After taking the photos, I moved them off the path.

Here were my observations at the deeper area setups, etc.

#4. The white soccer ball with painted red face was on the ground.????

#5. The large green rock was removed from off the top of the food bucket on was on the ground.????

#6. As also seen in the above 2 photos, the food items have been taken from the food bucket and apparently eaten. The wrappers from the items have been scattered over the area.????

#7. The kettle bell was removed from the food bucket and found on the ground near the base of the food bucket tree.????

#8. The large blue rock was still in the food bucket after all food items have been removed.???? Maybe it was lifted up, all food items removed and the rock just lowered back into place? 

#9. The blue ball with face had been left between 2 thick vines which looked like a tree crook. This was near the food bucket tree. The ball was now on the ground beneath the vines.????

At this point I stopped to clean up the trash from around the food bucket tree & immediate area. I then made my further observations.

#10. The near-by garbage can lid on the ground which had the red painted ball with face & the yellow rock were both out of the position left previously.????

As I looked at the ground area more closely, there looked to be 2 more possible ground glyphs on the immediate walking path.

#11. and #12. It looked a small pointer glyph.???? To me, it seems to be pointing at the food bucket tree.????

The second small glyph was a small 'X'.

#13. and #14. This was found between my camp chair and gifting log under the hanging sheet. ????

 The next observations were from the deer corn bucket with yellow tire set-up and garbage can lid feeder.

#15. thru #18. The tire was moved again.???? The deer corn feeder bucket was on its side.???? The small container was emptied of the deer corn and was now close to the garbage can lid feeder.???? The lid was between the bucket and tire.???? The mineral block items were still in the lid seemingly not eaten? Also a wrapper from the deer corn bucket was laying a ways from the setup on the path.????

At this time, I did all new set-ups on the site. Here where the new set-ups.

#19. Food items for the tree food bucket.

#20. The food items stuffed into the food bucket with the large rock and kettle bell on top of them.

#21. I moved the white ball with red face onto a small tree crook near the food bucket tree.

#22. I moved 'Clyde' between the crook of the 2 vines were the blue ball had just been removed.

#23. I moved the blue ball to another set of crossing vines as a crook set-up.

#24. All 3 set-ups were near the food bucket tree.

#25. Fruit items for the new set-up. This is also close to the food bucket tree.

#26. I set up 4 water meter covers as a base under the tire. Inside of the rim opening, on top of the water meter covers, was placed the fruits in the plastic zip lock bags.

#27. The fruits in the plastic bags are on the water meter covers in the rim opening. On the rim opening is the plastic garbage can lid cover with 7 rocks on the lid. This was to make it difficult for most animals to remove.

#28. I moved the mini-bear doll to the hanging tire with chain.

#29. I moved 'Lil Joe Young' on top of the red painted tire in a tree crook.

#30. I left the possible pointer ground glyph as I found it. I put the thin bone which I had painted blue spots on, at the inside junction of the 2 sticks.

Again as in the past, this was to acknowledge that a 'FP' may have done this.

#31. At the gifting log under the hanging sheet, I added the small folding pick/shovel as a gift. This was in addition to the hand mirror.

#32. New deer corn bucket set-up with the yellow tire with rim, small container for deer corn with lid.

#33. I put the container in the bucket and scattered some of the deer corn in the bucket around the container.

#34. and #35. I did a new setup with balls & sticks near the gifting log.

The time was now approximately 10:55 AM. I was going to leave 1B and bike the trail over to the P.R.O.W. On leaving, I walked the 1B area removing trash. I was approximately 100' from the pipes to the SE when I found the 'lost' monkey doll. The doll had been missing for quite sometime. He was on the ground behind a tree. The doll was discolored but I decided to use him again. When he was first missing I didn't do much of a search, just the immediate close area.

#36. and #37. The found monkey doll.

#38. and #39. I put the monkey doll back onto the tree crook near the storage pipes. We'll see what happens.

After this small adventure, I left 1B at 11:07 AM for the P.R.O.W. I arrived at 11:20 AM.

Upon arriving, I parked my bike along the treeline and went into the deeper woods area to my set-ups. The following was noted.

#40. thru #44. The little blue flag marker flag wire was removed from the tree and was now on the ground.???? I put it back in place just above the yellow caution tape. I hung from a tree limb approximately 7' off the ground, a gifting backpack. I left nothing in it this trip. I walked the immediate area and left for the day. Another visit with items being messed with etc. After this, I biked back to the parking area. I left the park approximately 12noon.

This concludes Field Report #42 for Sunday October 16, 2016.