Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Busy Activity

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Journal Volume 3
Field Report #41
Sunday October 9, 2016

I arrived at the park 11:15 AM. It was a truly awesome fall day. The temperature was 74 with a slight breeze. There was a full, blue sky with a few high clouds. I brought my bike with the intent to complete the whole 8 miles+. I planned on stopping at the P.R.O.W as it has been awhile since seeing the old site there. I started with close ride and completed by 11:28 AM. I began gearing up for the ride to 1B. I left the parking area at 11:40 AM. I got there pretty quick. I arrived at the 1B entry 11:45 AM. 

Upon entering, I blew notes on my flute, did the 3 wood knocks, and loud talking. I went to the pipes and observed no new moves of present set-ups. Everything was as I left it last visit. I moved on to the deeper area.

Wow! seems like a lot of interaction/interplay ???? took place this past week. I observed the following:

#1. thru #4. At the food bucket, all food items plus the large rock have been removed. ???? The kettle bell was left in the bucket????  The food wrappers were scattered over the immediate area.????

#5. thru #7. At the ground tire set-up with food left inside, the tire was moved, the rocks and water meter covers and lid scattered, the white ball over to the side a ways from the set-up, the food taken.????

#8. thru #10.  At the deer corn bucket set-up, the deer corn, carrots, regular corn, were taken but not the 1/2 mineral blocks.???? One of the blocks looks like it melted ???? The yellow tire was approximately 3' from were it had been set-up.???? A wrapper was stuffed into the tire rim opening.???? The empty container & lid was not far from the tire.????

#11. and #12. 'Lil Joe Young' was found in the crook of the vines in a bowing or head down position.????

#13. and #14. The 'dream catcher' hanging from the limb near my paint container case had the cord and feathers snug behind the corner of my military unit patch.????

I decided to sit and relax for awhile. I began making metal and verbal requests to the 'FP' for some movement, whoops; knocks, etc. to confirm their being in the area. I did hear several 'bird' sounds that I haven't heard before in the area. I noticed nothing else being out of place. I went ahead and removed the immediate ground trash. I decided to do new set-ups. I just remembered about the red ball, I left in the tree crook near the food bucket tree.

#15. thru #17. I noticed it was approximately 5' on the ground behind the tree crook. ???? It had been 7' off the ground in the crook initially.

#18. Food items for the tree bucket.

#19. and #20. I placed the rock and kettle bell back in the bucket on top of the food items. I also put the white ball with face and a large painted rock on top of the bucket.

#21. I moved the blue ball with face from the tires tree to this tree crook to the left of the bucket tree. The ball was approximately 7' off the ground.

#22. thru #25. I made a new set-up using the ground tire, water meter covers, rocks, lid, red ball with face and the mini-bear doll.

#26. I moved 'Lil Joe Young' to my camp chair.

#27. thru #29. At the deer corn bucket spot, I used a tire again and inside the bucket put a container of deer corn and plastic bag with deer corn. I took a plastic garbage can lid and cut up the mineral blocks and left on the lid.

#30. I put a hand mirror on the gifting log.

I decided to do the bike ride over to the east end and also visit my old P.R.O.W site. I left 1B approximately 1:06 PM. I arrived at the P.R.O.W approximately 1:43 PM.

#31. thru #33. One of my early spots just off the P.R.O.W inside the east treeline. I stuck up some logs and piled some limbs.

#34. thru #38. I found the old pile of items, I discarded many months back. Out of curiosity I did a set-up with all the items putting them on several trees.

After doing the set-up, I explored into the treeline on the west side of the P.R.O.W. After exploring for around 20 minutes, I headed back to 1B. It was 2:15 PM when I left the P.R.O.W.

#39. I noticed this bench on the ride east. It's on the south side of the trail. Could a lot of weight been put on the bench to cause it lean in its current position? It's interesting anyway.

I make it back to 1B approximately 2:31 PM. I walked the site to see if anything had changed in the short time I was gone. Everything was as I left it.

#40. At the deer corn set-up, I added the drawing seen hanging from the limb.

I finished for the day. I left the site at 2:50 PM.

This concludes Field Report #41 for Sunday October 9, 2016.

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