Netflix Streaming For Para Geeks

The weather is miserable, you are bored out of your mind. It's time to pop on Netflix and stream. But, if you are a para geek, you might want to fill the queue with things to satisfy your natural curiosity. Here's some para picks on streaming now - 

Bigfoot (1997): Eyewitnesses sharing their experiences with seeing Bigfoot.

Bigfoot's Reflection: Researchers working hard to prove Bigfoot's existence.

UFOs: The Best Evidence Ever Caught On Tape: Footage taken by average citizens.

Australien Skies:  UFO action down under.

Unsealed Alien Files:  Looking for evidence the government knows about aliens.

Most Haunted: A British ghost hunting series show.

Cropsey:  Disturbing and scary documentary about an abandoned asylum in NY.

Ghost Heads:  Documentary following serious hardcore fans of Ghostbusters.

A Field of Secrets:  Men in search of answers to crop circles.