Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Victorian Era Buildings

If you are into Victorians, the abandoned ones are true treasures of creepiness, great bygone days, and for some of us who imagine fixing them up, a real beautiful challenge!

You can see glimmers of their once impressive glory. You can almost imagine how you would renovate it if it were yours. 

I look at these places and wonder who originally built them and why they chose that particular design. Did they have a few generations within the walls or some great tragedy that made them flee? 

Victorian Era was a design during the time of Queen Victoria who lived from 1837-1901. They utilized new materials and technologies for the time. Because of trains and mass transit, it was possible to get ornate materials cheaper than ever before, so you find lots of "gingerbread" and decorate trim on these homes. 

This gothic style involved towers, turrets, grand wrap-around porches and widow's walks. They inspire romantics and artists. 

It's hard to imagine anyone leaving these beauties behind, but there are some hopeful renovators willing to try and salvage them and for those amazing artisans we say, thank you!

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