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Ghosts in the Bedroom

Bedrooms seem to be one of the most reported ghost encounters locations in a home. Why is that? 

Someone tugs on the sheets, a person awakens to a dark figure in the corner, another feels an unseen entity touch them in an intimate manner. What is going on with ghosts in the bedroom?

There are a lot of separate things to address, so I will break it down into potential explanations:

Sensory Deprivation 

The bedroom is often a room we do not visit until it's time to go to bed. It is also a room we generally experience great quiet in. During the day, we might be rattling dishes in the kitchen, running the TV or playing music, having conversations, but when we go to bed at night we have sensory deprivation for the first time all day long. The lights are out, the noise is turned off. We are just lying there, noting sounds and lighting and all kinds of issues we never notice during the day.

If you lie in bed at night and hear the same sorts of sounds each night - that's the house. If you start seeing shapes in the dark and it's freaking you out, you're looking for evidence of something in the room. This is what kids do. Shadows and light freak them out because once they see a boogieman in their mind, they start looking for them. Begin to notice if it's just one area that casts freaky shadows. Try changing your blinds situation or night lights and see if it goes away. 

EMF Levels

It's not something people are usually aware of, but electromagnetic frequencies, if they register high enough, can be felt by people. It can make sleep uncomfortable, nightmares, feelings of being watched, and generally unsettled. 

Be certain that your alarm clock is at least 3 feet away from you. Alarm clocks are one of the worst emitters of EMF. Also, if you use a C-PAP machine, keep it 2-3 feet away. Once you've made this adjustment, see how you feel the next few nights. If you are in an older home, the wiring in the walls itself can be rather powerful in EMF readings, so attempt to pull the bed away from the wall a bit and see again if that helps. 

You never know if you are effected by EMF until you experiment a bit. 

Alpha State

Brain waves during sleep time are wonky things. Shifting from deep sleep to dream state, one can still have a paralyzed body and yet vividly see things. It's called sleep paralysis and it's pretty horrifying to any of us who have experienced it. 

When you are falling asleep and awakening, you go into a brain wave state called alpha. It is a very floating feeling, the mind does not engage in analytical thinking, but drifts, lets go of tension, judgment, control. In this particular state of mind, we are most subjective to actual paranormal encounters and it would seem that the lack of practical mind dominance and the open and nonjudgmental state of being allows us to discern things we don't normally do in our everyday life. If the dead are to visit you and try to make a communication, this is their key time to do so.

Departing Loved Ones

Newly departed loved ones visit upon their passing and sometimes up to days later. That window of opportunity for us to detect them almost always depends on falling asleep or awakening. In some cases, one sees their loved one completely, they might hear them, they might see and hear them, even have a brief conversation. In my case, my father arrived when he had passed. He both pulled on my big toe and showed himself in my dark room as a silhouette of himself, no detail, but I knew it was him. Our signal when he got home from long plane flights and business trips, was to pull my big toe to let me know he arrived home safe. 

It is also common for several family members in various parts of the world seeing the deceased loved one at the same time, perhaps one in New York is getting ready for work in the morning, another is asleep in California and has a visitation at the exact moment of passing. There is nothing to say that the soul needs to be in one place like a body does. 

Ghost Sex

Ghost sex, incubus, succubus, other naughty encounters are ones I'm asked about a lot. It is no wonder folks believe they are being molested in their sleep. Sleep cycles include (most often from 4 am to 8 am) arousal dreams. 

If you have a bellyache while sleeping, you might incorporate it into your dream with a plot of birthing a baby. If you are cold in your sleep, you might dream about swimming in a glacial lake. If your body is aroused in your sleep, you will incorporate a lover into your dream. And, if you wake up during or just after the arousal, you will swear someone had to manually work you over to achieve that. With no one around, you might assume it was a ghost or demon. The fact is, the body can go all the way to climax while you're fast asleep, even women - who most consider difficult to climax without technique. 

Haunting a Bedroom

We can't prove the motivations or actions of ghosts. We can't even prove what they are or if they even exist. That being said, if a spirit wanted to unnoticed, they might haunt a bedroom where they can interact with dream state, go unnoticed, or simply sit guard. 

As well, in the old days, people did not die in hospitals, they died at home in bed with family around. If a spirit were to come back to the site of its departing from physical form, this might be the place. And, there is also the factor of residual hauntings, or the replaying of a past event. The act of the soul dividing from physical form could certainly leave an imprint on a room. 

More than often, couples argue in bedrooms to have kids not hear. They also have passionate encounters in there. Some babies are born in bedrooms, too. So residual emotional residue could layer itself on a room. With enough people sleeping, being ill, dying, birthing, arguing and making love in one particular room could give a buildup of energy.

There are many feng shui elements that could account for the cul-de-sac of a bedroom being a place to trap energy. The placement of mirrors, windows and doors can all contribute. There is a good book for reference about feng shui called Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster.  You might find this a really good book for your reference library.

I have been in a hotel where a heavy comforter was pulled from me and dropped to the floor. I pulled it back on, but later it was dragged further away and further away until the last time it was in the next room. I was a bit angry as it was very cold in the room. I basically told the room "Hey, I'm cold, don't make me angry. Leave my covers alone!" Nothing happened after that. 

Another time, I untucked the tight hospital corners to let the sheets be free and not feel pinned down. I awakened to scratching sounds at the closet door so I took a picture of the door in the dark with the flash on, but I was a bit distracted as I realized my sheets were tucked in tightly again. I wrestled myself free and went back to sleep. When I awakened in the morning, the closet door was closed, although on the photo I took at night, it was wide open. 

Bedrooms have a fair deal of haunting activity reported and almost all of it is related by homeowners as when they were sleeping or falling asleep. That muddies the waters as to whether it's a sleep disorder issue, dream state, or other factor. If there's a couple sharing the room, I usually ask if both have had such experiences, or just one. If it's just one, it's almost always a sleep issue. 

We get just as many complaints about hallways, stairwells which seem to be the #1 haunted location in most buildings. 

It's good to ask yourself a few questions like if you have ever been known to have sleep paralysis, sleep apnea, nightmares, night terrors, vivid nightmares, sleep talking, sleep walking, etc. Even if it only happened in childhood, it's a sign you could have some sleep disorder issues that might only occur with extreme exhaustion or if drinking or taking a sedative medication. 

If you are the only one experiencing haunting issues in the bedroom and you share it with someone, that could also be one of two things - latent psychic skills emerging or sleep disorder issues. 

If you sleep alone, you might ask to trade rooms with someone for a few nights and see what happens. Does the problem follow you or does the person staying in your room complain? Be sure not to tell them why you want them in the room or they might see and hear things by suggestion. Simply say the bed is uncomfortable to you and you want to try a different mattress for a few nights to see. When you are done switching beds, then perhaps ask if they were comfortable in there or slept well and see if they have any stories to share.

If you live alone, simply try sleeping on the sofa or in another room for a week and see how the sleep there goes. Start narrowing the possibilities.

Perhaps the hardest issue for people is that when we run into something we can't explain, we tend to put it into the unexplained or paranormal pile. Once a person decides his home is haunted, it's very hard to convince him otherwise because he is now looking at every occurrence through the filter of belief. He believes it's haunted, so therefore noises, tapping, and other oddities must be the ghosts. Belief is a difficult thing to overcome because it colors the interpretive process. A person can begin to explain their world using their belief system. To one person, a clicking sound is a loose element in the air conditioning system, to another who has a belief system in place, it is a mysterious Morse code message from the other side.

To anyone who believes their bedroom is the issue, first look at the individuals in the bedroom - who is experiencing the issues? Then, look to any history of sleep issues and electronics near the head of the bed. Move on to experimenting with staying in other rooms. Objectively deal with the issue by meting out what isn't. 

Ultimately, if the room continues to be an issue and appears to have haunting elements, try some steadfast tricks that have shown good effect: If you are a religious person, open a Bible or religious text on the dresser. Consider putting up photos of loved ones and positive happy moments. Add houseplants to the room. In the daytime, keep it bright and even play pleasant music in the room. The goal here is to make it not a dark retreat, but a room with great spiritual presence and soothing positive things. If you see your bedroom as a retreat surrounded by your faith and your loved ones, sunshine and plants, you will create a positive memory imprinted on that room and take away any sullen, dark, or dreaded feelings of retreating to the "tomb" to sleep.

*Tomorrow's post is "Horned Giants."*

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