Dashboard Cam Paranormal Finds!

There are a lot of witnesses, especially the police force, that utilize dashboard cameras. If drivers can often witness amazing things with no camera to capture the event, imagine what happens when a camera is present. Here's some unexplainable and puzzling dashboard cam finds - 

These odd dog-like, marsupial-like, hairless creatures have been called chupacabras (cryptic creature) and seen around the Texas region mostly. What was this running along the road with oddly proportioned limbs and snout? We still don't know.

Did this police officer have a ghost cross is path? Well, it sure looked bizarre.

Here, a Russian driver found a supposed ghost bride.

As much as this video above had baffled viewers, it was later found that the person drove into the chainlink fence, lifting it up enough to slink under it and have it snap back into place.

Right around the 40 second mark - what is that crossing the road from the left to the right, past the guardrail? Well, it baffled these two officers a lot. It would seem that a Bigfoot made a fast getaway.

Just coming off a bridge in NY, a rather obvious UFO crosses from the left to the right on this dash cam above.

What was this that crawled in front of a Mexican Dashcam? I don't know, but I am certain I wouldn't want to see that in the dark or the daylight! 

*Tomorrow's post "Amazing Embalmed and Preserved Bodies!"*


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