Black-Eyed Children-Themed Art Projects

This fun project (above) was very cheap to make and yet had a very creepy effect.  It cost about $45 for this 30 x 44 inch large mirror that looks old and worn and has semi-translucent black-eyed children peering out. It is just one of many projects you can do to represent the unsettling black-eyed children legends.

Here's three videos I did on how to make the ghost mirror and also written instructions below - 

One 30 x 44 inch glass picture frame from Goodwill only 24.99
2 cans of looking glass spray paint by Krylon
1 container black acrylic paint
1 container crackle medium
1 container ivory paint
printer paper
Print life-sized photos of Victorian kids in black and white (eyes blacked out with stamp tool and old photo/film effect to look crackled)

Cut them out, glue with mod podge glue them to glass.

Wet your fingers and rub some of the paper away from the ink along the edges to soften the "cut-out" effect and allow some mirror paint to show through.

Spray the back of the glass (back of the pictures too) with looking glass paint. Don't worry about making it too perfectly even because you can create an aged glass look out of imperfections. If you want it to look more like an old mirror, spray some water on it before spraying with mirror paint to make bubbles.

Paint picture frame black. Let dry.

Paint with crackle medium. Let dry.

Top coat frame with ivory paint and it will crackle in minutes.

Put glass back into frame.



Utilizing the Black-Eyed Children theme, consider making some in your window looking out at Trick-Or-Treaters.

Print the children out above in life-sized dimensions. Glue to cardboard. Cut out head and shoulders outline. Cut out entire eye shape. Tape black paper behind the eyes. Put in front window of house. On Halloween night, place a spot light or glow sticks outside the window to show them off.


Using the same technique, I found at Goodwill a three-photo wall hanging and did the technique with the three black-eyed kids and mirror pain.


Creepy baby doll mask - just add sheer black nylon hose behind eye holes.

There are a lot of things you can do with the theme to unsettle, including life-sized dolls with blackened eyes standing on the porch or child mannequins painted up and done in Victorian clothing for a creepy touch. 

The theme is a good one, it seems to unsettle everyone.

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