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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Tree Breaks

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Journal Volume 3
Field Report #36
September 18, 2016

I arrived at the parking area approximately 1:45 PM. The temperature was 90, hot, humid, a warm breeze, with a blue sky and some high clouds. There was a possibility of rain later today. I decide to do the close bike ride first. This was accomplished and I was back at my vehicle by 2:02 PM and began to load up my backpack and head to 1B. I left the parking area at 2:10 PM.

As I was riding on the trail, on the south side of the trail, I observed 3 possible ground glyphs. I decided to photo on the way out later. I made I to the trail bridge at 2:17 PM and entered the 1B treeline entry at 2:20 PM. Current observations:

#1. and #2. Over the path is the limb I painted blue spots on. Under this limb is a possible ground glyph or stick sign.???? Later, I would bring a ball to this spot and put it at the junction of the sticks.

#3. and #4.  At pipe #2, the ball I left on the pipe my previous visit has been turned from east to northeast.???? Refer to last visits photos.

#5. 'Lil Joe Young' was found leaning forward or down in the tree crook.???? Previous, he was looking straight ahead.

The log I left in a vertical position last trip seems to be in the same position and not moved.

#6. thru #9. I changed the set-up on pipe #1. I added 'Lil Joe Young', the painted white ball, a marble with 4 small sticks on top and 6 sticks besides the log.

I was ready now to move to the deeper area.

#10. Thru #12. On the walking path/trail, there were new, larger limbs. ???? Looking above, I can't see were they may have fallen. They do look like they may be from the piles of limbs I've moved over into areas off the path/trail.

#13. thru #15. I took the limbs and made a new ground glyph set-up of my own. I put it right in the middle of the path/trail.

I made it to the food bucket tree.

#16. thru #18. Most food items were removed from the bucket.???? Wrappers, the overturned ground bucket and kettle bell are seen on the ground in the immediate area. The rock was still in the bucket. The fruit items were not taken this time but left in the bucket.

I stopped to pick up all trash items around the tree, etc.

#19. Food items to be used on this visit. They will be used in 3 different spots on the site.

#20. Some of the food items I added to the bucket and put both the rock and kettle bell in the opening on top of the food.

#21. I put more food items into the tire opening on the ground set-up.

#22. At the base of the tree, I used this bucket for deer corn. 

#23. I left this fruit on the ground near the bucket.

Over at the tires bushes/trees other observations:

#24. thru #26. The bear doll was on the ground.???? The blue and yellow rocks from on top of the white tire was on the ground.???? The potato was missing.???? "Clyde' was moved forward and his left arm removed from the backside of the limb.????

#27. and #28. The stacked water meter covers with the yellow tire on top and rocks on top of the tire was found on the ground as seen.????

#29. I restacked the water meter covers and added the 5 painted rocks on top.

#30. I put the yellow tire back into one of the tree crooks.

#31. I put the rock on top of the red ball in the crook of the vines.

#32. and #33. I moved 'Clyde' to a higher tree crook.

#34. I removed the other yellow tire with rim from the further away tree crook. I put the tire onto the opening of the plastic garbage can. I used the blue rock to keep the bear doll in place.

#35. On the long vine, I have attached various drawings.

#36. I made another move. I moved the bucket from the food bucket tree to the other side of the site. This is near the tree used to attach the 4 balls buckets earlier on site. I tied the bucket to a small bush limb. I have the bucket in the rim opening of the tire and have the deer corn in a container with lid.

#37. and #38. This other tire was set-up near the food bucket tree. In the opening are the food items shown earlier. I have the tire covered with a plastic garbage can lid with 2 of the large rocks on top. Some sweet treats are outside the set-up on the red water meter cover. I used a limbs ground arrow pointer to get my point across about the possibility of food under the garbage can lid.

#39. I added a ball at one end of the set-up to make sure 'their' attention was gotten.

#40. I did the same at the junction of the tail of the ground arrow pointer. I added the ball seen.

#41. I'm back at the pipes and noticed that 'Lil Joe Young' had a rip in his back and the filling could be seen. ???? I hadn't noticed this before because I was looking at his front exclusively.

#42. I was leaving the site. I left this ball at the junction of the sticks on the path I saw when walking in.

I left 1B and biked to the far east end of the trail.

#43. thru #46. On the south side of the paved trail not far from the trail turn around, I saw this tree broke over. This was done recently. It was parallel to the trail and looked like a classic break to me.

#47 and 48. At the far west end of the trail past the 0.25 miles marker these parallel limbs were found on the north side of the paved trail. They stand out because it looked like they were put there. There are no tree fall items overhead that match them.

#49. thru #53. Another long tree break on a less diameter tree. Also some of the smaller limbs have been twisted. A juvenile ???? This was another one on the south side of the paved trail. This was approximately 100 yards from the parking area.

This concludes field report #36 for Sunday September 18, 2016.

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