The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Tearing It Up

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Journal Volume 3
Field Report #38
Sunday September 25, 2016

I left the house today at 9:23 AM. I was loading my vehicle and was already sweating like crazy. Since I was here just a few days ago, my goals were to just report any changes in a short time period. I brought no major food items, just some deer corn for the ground bucket. Also we had overnight rains in the area and more were forecast for that day.

I arrived at the park 9:44 AM. The whole area was wet. To the east, rain clouds were building. The temperature was 82, mostly cloudy with some sun and blue sky. I decided to bike the trail first, in and out and the close by ride, 8 miles total.

At 9:50 AM, I started the bike ride. It took me just over 46 minutes to do the 8 miles. I got back to my vehicle and began loading up my backpack. At 10:48 AM I left the parking lot for site 1B. I arrived at the site entry at 11 AM.

I parked the bike inside the treeline then walked on down the grassy area to check the ground glyph's I noticed last trip. Nothing changed. I then headed back to the entry, then to the pipes.

At pipe #1, the log was still vertical as I left it Friday. I decided to move it later to the deeper set-ups. I moved on into the deeper area.

Photo Observations noted from this point:

#1. thru #3. At the food bucket, all items taken from the bucket. ???? The large rock and wrappers were scattered over the immediate area. The whole spot looks like something/someone with an aggressive attitude. The covered tire set-up with food under the lid with rocks on top were part of the scattering.????

#4. and #5. The other green bucket located under the tires tree was found approximately 20' away to the NW of the tree. The old water jug, ball and rock were on the ground near the tree.???? Maybe it had been tossed over here?

#6. and #7. Last visit, I forgot to bring a trash bag to pick-up all the wrappers, etc. in the immediate site. I used this white bucket to keep the trash in until this visit. I had put it at the base of the tires bushes/trees, between them. It was found away from the base and overturned with the trash scattered.????

#8. and #9. Previously, I placed the red ball w/ a rock on top, in the crook of the 2 vines at the hanging sheet. Now it was on the ground below the crook of the vines.????

#10. 'Lil Joe Young' and the ball in the tire rim opening have been re-arranged.???? In the previous set-up, The ball was in front and 'Lil Joe Young" was behind and on top.

#11. The stack of water meter covers at the base of the bush/trees were knocked over and scattered.????

#12. and #13. The yellow tire with no rim was removed form the tree crook above and was found on the ground by the scattered water meter covers. ????

#14. thru #16. At the deer corn set-up, the tire has been moved, the bucket attached to the bush was on its side, an opened plastic bag to the rear, behind the bucket was the honey container and the opened Butterfinger sweet treats container plus lid. ????

I brought a trash bag and began clean-up the site. I took care of the trash from the bucket and other items near the tree.

#17. and #18. I had brought 2 different canned items: a square can of sardines and a round can of tuna. I had pulled the tabs up so they could be opened easily. Neither were opened all the way. I was a little surprised. So, here they were found on the ground among the wrapper trash items.????

#19. and #20. I had left a small marker board with marker on a nail on the side of the bucket tree. I was hoping to get some kind of written sign on the marker board. Instead, I found both on the ground near the base of the tree.????

#21. As mentioned earlier, this is the old water jug. It was on top of the upside down green bucket w/ ball and rock. It was found on the ground, on its side, the lid off, a stick stuck into the opening.????

#22. I didn't bring any food items this visit for the bucket. I put the rock and kettle bell back into the empty bucket.

#23. I did another set-up with the tire, rocks, plastic lid with balls, water meter covers. I also split a cantaloupe and left the 2 pieces on the stacked water meter covers. These were set-up not far from the bucket tree.

#24. I brought more deer corn. I did the bucket with tire set-up and a different container.

#25. and #26. I put 'Lil Joe Young' into the crook of the 2 vines with the hanging sheet.

#27 and #28. A new set-up seen from the front and back.

#29. I moved all the water meter covers onto the base of the bushes/trees.

#30. # #31. I spread out the hanging sheet by adding long limbs at the corners and propping all 3 limbs against the base of the gifting log. The limb tops are tied off to the sheet. I left on the log, the antlers left for me along time back from site 1A.

So, it seems that from Friday PM thru Sunday AM, a lot of activity took place here at the site. Looks like at some point this fall /winter, I may have to take a long weekend and try to spend 1 or 2 nights at the pipes, set out my 3 trail cameras and 3 digital recorders and see what happens. I have asked for help from MK Davis. I respect MK's work. If anyone can help shed more light on the on-going activity at the site It would be MK. We'll see what happens for a future collaborative long weekend at the site.

This concludes field report #38 for Sunday September 25, 2016.


  1. Maybe a plot camera set up would capture something.


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