The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Here, There and Everywhere

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Journal Volume 3
Field Report #39
Friday September 30, 2016

I came straight from work to the park. I arrived at 1:40 PM. The temperature was 81, cool with a clear blue sky and some high clouds. It was an awesome afternoon. I had no bike with me so it was to be hiked to 1B. On the way, close to the 0.25 mile marker and a little ways to the east off the trail, I observed the following:

#1. Just off the south side of the trail before the 0.25 mile marker, recently these sticks had been laid out in a pointer glyph. Now they were scattered.????

#2. and #3. I took the sticks and put them behind a tree off the trail behind the 0.25 mile marker.

#4. and #5. Walking on to the east on the trail, I stopped at the small cedar tree. I took sticks from within the treeline and made this glyph.

#6. and #7. Walking further to the east, I stopped at these 2 limbs. They were last seen parallel off the trail. I put them together to make a pointer. They were on the north side of the trail at the edge of high grass.

I moved on to 1B. After entering the site, I blew a few notes on the flute to announce my arrival. At the pipes, I got my 2"x4" and did 3 tree knocks. I also did whistling and speaking. I had not done any new setups at the pipes, so I moved on to the deeper set-ups.

#8. The large ball in the plastic lid was moved.????

#9. thru #11. At the set-up with 2 buckets and the yellow tire, the 2 balls have been removed. ???? The white ball was approximately 8' away and the red ball was approximately 4' away. ???? Also one of the rocks was now on the ground.????

#12. and #13. At the deer corn bucket set-up, the bucket was overturned and the tire was further away.???? The container with the deer corn was missing. ???? The lid was found close-by.????

#14. and #15. Also close-by was partially eaten cantaloupe. ????

#16. and #17. I found the deer corn container approximately 50' from the set-up to the east of the site.???? The container was smashed on one side and its bottom. ????

#18. and #19. In a bush crook, I put a 1/2 block of supercharged roasted corn flavored deer attractant. On one tree, I put 1/2 block of apple crush, sweet and salty lick block.

#20. Food items for the tree bucket.

#21. The food items in the bucket with the rock and kettle bell on top of them.

#22. thru #28. New interaction set-ups.

I've accomplished what I needed for this visit. I left the site at 3:25 PM.

This concludes field report #39 for Friday September 30, 2016.