Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Arrows

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

Journal Volume 3
Field Report #37
September 23, 2016

I arrived at the park approximately 3 PM. The temperature was 89, hot, humid, mostly cloudy with a warm breeze. There was possible rain in the forecast. It looked like it could begin raining at any time. I left the parking area at 3:15 PM for site 1B.

#1. and #2. On the way, near the 0.25 mile marker, I saw what looked like an arrow ground pointer. ???? I find This was barely off the south side of the Bike/Hike Trail. It was intriguing. At different points along the 3.75 mile, one way trail, I find intriguing limbs or sticks signs. Some I take photos of and some I just look at wonder about.

At the trail bridge were I turn off for 1B, I decided to bike on over to the east end of the trail and stop at the P.R.O.W. on the return leg to the west. This was at 3:22 PM. I have not been to the P.R.O.W. area in quite a while. I decided if the mosquitoes were bad, I would continue back to 1B. At 3:50 PM, I arrived at the P.R.O.W. I went back into my previous set-up area to the east inside the treeline and to the open area just off the P.R.O.W to the east also.

#3. and #4. I took the old items, I left previously on the ground in this spot and put on and around the major nearby tree. This was in the deeper east treeline area.

#5. thru #7. I set up some limbs, leaning against a tree in the open area.

As I was biking back west to 1B, I noticed the following:

#8. and #9. On the north side of the trail, east end, there was small branch break and twist. ???? This was approximately 4' off the ground and 6' off the trail. This could have been a juvenile break and twist.

#10. thru #12. I rode on to the west. Approximately 50 yards east of the trail bridge, near the turnoff to the grassy area near the ditch, were small broken limbs on a large bush. This was 3' north of the trail. Could this possibly have been done by a juvenile?

I rode on to the 1B entry. I arrived at the pipes approximately 4:35 PM. The following observations noted:

#13. 'Lil Joe Young' was on the ground behind the pipe.???? He had been up against the log on the pipe. Maybe he just fell off.

 Everything else at the spot looked ok. Nothing else out of place. I moved on to the deeper set-ups, etc.

#14. thru #18. At the food bucket tree and tire set-up close-by all items taken ???? but the Butterfinger sweet treats in a jar with lid and the can of tuna with the pull tab. I was hoping the lid would be off and pull tab used to get at the tuna.

#19. Looks like the rock and kettle bell was left in the bucket after removing the items . ????

#20. and #21. The ground arrow I put down previous was moved to this spot and the ball is at the left of the stick.???? Looks like my ground arrow pointing to more food within the tire setup may have been understood.

#22. thru #24. At the deer corn set-up, The tire, bucket and container has been moved, used. ???? The container looks as if it has been possibly been pushed in by 2 hands.???? a stick left on top of the tire across the rim opening.????

#25. I re-set up the tire, bucket and added these additional food items: deer corn, unshelled corn, carrots, fruit, honey and the container with Butterfinger sweet treats.

#26. I poured honey onto the side of the tree.

#27. I left the honey container at the bottom of the tree with no lid.

#28. and #29. I moved the white ball with painted face into the rim opening of the white tire.

#30. Food items for the bucket and inside the ground tire.

#31. The food items for the covered ground tire.

#32. The bucket food items in place and I put the rock and kettle bell into position over the food.

#33. The ground tire with food under the lid cover with rocks.

#34. The bucket with deer corn and other food items. I added the white container on top of the food.

#35. On top of the green bucket, I have the old water jug with tennis ball, larger softball, painted white rock.

#36. I placed the 2 balls at the ground glyph. Three small sticks can be seen close to the top of the bottom blue stick. This was new.???? I added the balls to show, I knew it was from 'them'.

#37. I changed the set-up again. I removed the softball and tennis ball. I added a large marble with the painted white rock.

#38. Added the 3 painted rocks to the plastic set-up.

That was it for today. I left the site late in the afternoon.

This concludes field report #37 for Friday September 23, 2016.

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