Saturday, December 31, 2016

GHT in 2017


GHT has been an evolving blog. It began with me exploring the mysteries that most attract my attention and sharing my research into the paranormal starting in 2008. It evolved over time to include pieces about researchers and explorers, witnesses and more. I have taken everyone into the subjects with a new look at them from a different perspective to open minds and insert wonder (my tagline). But, what's up for 2017?

I have fallen deeper into the research rabbit hole and connected with some of the best researchers and explorers. I plan to bring a lot more outdoor adventures pieces that involve strange finds, unexplained, Urbex, Bigfoot, UFOs, and more. 

I see 2017 for me as a be a big shift in how I work, from being at the keyboard to going out on sites and sharing live much more often. 

I expect more publications to be uploaded to as well, including tomorrow's post on the Evolution of Bigfoot. This is honestly, one of my favorite posts I've ever written. 

I plan to knock everyone's socks off with some new information and key missing bits to some mysteries we all love. I also plan to cover more Kolchak-esque items of unexplained weirdness. I want to share the odd things you didn't know about that are going on now and in the past. 

I will be having ongoing ghost investigations going at some very unusual and unique places and hope to organize a UFO hunt in a very promising location. I want to put myself out there in relation to activity to be able to form more concise accounts as well as correlations.

Some more guest postings will be coming up on the blog too, as I have some experts in various arenas sharing their long-term studies and knowledge in para subjects. This one (below) will be coming up soon on the blog, written by the EVP specialist on my investigation team, one of the most inquisitive, intelligent, and logic-minded researchers I know. 

Your world isn't going to be so cut and dry after reading GHT.

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