Creepy Santa Photos and Santa Horrors

There is not much more twisted and odd than seeing Santa not looking quite right, perhaps posing oddly, looking drunk, or sporting a shiner. Most kids have issues with the bearded one. He isn't like most relatives and he laughs too much. Here's a fun collection for your holiday pleasure - 

"Mom, I take it back. I don't need a 
new bike THIS much!"

"This wee one might make a good appetizer before the real meal!"

Rob Zombie Santa - start their horror early!

The Trauma Team arrives in the recovery room to insert the trauma.

Santa went to Barbados before the season. They make creams for that, Santa.

The Grinch who stole Santa!

The troll Santa poser

Cthulhu Santa

The Santa whose head didn't fit down the chimney.

Don't believe him, kid! That's a Yeti Santa!

I'm taking this one back to the North Pole!

The Christmas Santa hostage situation

"Don't buy it for a minute. I'm not Santa!"

"No, you can't have her. You handed her to me. She's my gift!"

Christmas ended on a high note!

"Believe me! I AM the REAL Santa!"

"Mom, this is Great Uncle Fred. Not Santa. Man, he looks bad in a hat!"

"Hmmm. I think I know what to get the mother, ear plugs!"

"Lady, you can have them back. No, really, take them. PLEASE!!!"

...and Susie was afraid of Q-Tips the rest of her life and never understood why.

"Hey kid, your mom's kinda hot. Is she married?"

The time the burglar stopped long enough for a selfie with the kids. 

Sure, at this age, anyone with a beard is Santa. Try that mask next year and see how far it takes ya....

"Oh dear, I think Santa's pants need changing!"

"Hurry mom! Take my picture on the pony before this monster eats me!"

"Oh, it's okay. I had my cry about six hours ago. But, give me a minute. I might join them." 

When balloon animals go wrong

Movies with Scary Santas -

A Christmas Horror Story (on Netflix streaming)
Silent Night, Deadly Night
Christmas Evil
Santa's Slay 
Silent Night
To All a Good Night
Santa Claws
All Through the House